Monday, October 21, 2013

That Time I Dressed Up/Thanksgiving Weekend

Last weekend was Thanksgiving and I was away this weekend that just past. Last week I got very behind on posting. I blame the turkey, I know they say turkey makes you sleepy but I felt like it took days to wear off!  Thank God for caramel apple flavoured coffee which I've been enjoying daily lately.

A favourite blogger of mine posted about actually getting dressed up and posting outfits on Instagram. I've been looking for a good excuse to dress up so I actually did THREE times over the weekend. I actually felt so good with my hair and makeup done and cute outfit on.

I don't know how these fashion bloggers do it, it took a lot of effort just to look decent and THEN convince someone to take my picture. Anyways, here are my outfits!

I also got dressed up in one of my favourite outfits for a fundraiser but I forgot to take an outfit pic. I did take one pic with these lovely ladies though!

We spent thanksgiving at my sister's house. Naturally I did nothing in the kitchen department, I was going to bake pumpkin pie but I ended up flaking out and buying them. Too much pressure. I did, however, use it as an excuse to dress up in one of my favourite outfits! I should have taken pictures of everyone for Thanksgiving but it was just such a nice evening with family I just enjoyed it!

My mom and sister managed to make everything look super festive in between cooking a turkey and a whole bunch of other stuff. Side note, I am now completely in love with brussel sprouts. I know, I'm weird.

Also over last weekend, I made this spinach dip which is supposed to be a copycat recipe of Earl's Restaurant Spinach Dip. Leigh and I enjoyed it while we had a little movie night at home. It was definitely good, but not quite the same. Have to work on that. 
Lastly, I will leave you with a pic of the lil face that melts my heart.

More tomorrow, since I have tons to post about!

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