Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Madness: US Edition

Julie and I at the Pumpkin Patch
Like the rest of the continent, I have been spending a lot of time at pumpkin patches. Not only do I occasionally help out at my local pumpkin patch when it gets crazy busy, I visited TWO in the US when we were down on the weekend. Leigh, my mother-in-law and I visited Leigh's uncle in Washington state for the weekend which was so nice and relaxing. 

Here's some photos of the first pumpkin patch:

cute decor

goats staying warm

miniature donkey

beautiful pumpkins!

These photos are from the second pumpkin patch we visited. 

I have no idea what he was doing up there or HOW he got up there but it was pretty adorable.

baby cows have the prettiest eyelashes!

I also did a little bit of shopping in the US, I know, weird right? I got pumpkin spice k-cups for my keurig coffee maker (can't get them here) and also a few cute tops/sweaters at Marshalls, which is one of the best stores ever. My other favourite store, aka the Mother Ship, Hobby Lobby was a highlight. I didn't even take pics in the store which I totally meant to. If you live in Canada, it's basically like a GIANT Michaels. I wanted to buy everything, but I didn't, I just bought some super cute wrapping paper and gift tags and a mug I am hiding from myself until Christmastime. I also got some new makeup, including this palette from NYX.

 I opened it and I was like umm now what goes where? Haha, I definitely need some makeup lessons!

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