Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Arianna {9 Months}

9 months seems like a really big deal. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I was pregnant for 9 months...haha jk. It was definitely 10. It's 3/4 of a way to a year. Maybe it's because all of a sudden she's doing anything and everything and seems like much more of a kid than a baby. Arianna and I were doing a little shopping on the weekend and I came across these bracelets for babies/kids and I decided it was a perfect excuse to get her very first piece of jewelry. I just love how it looks on her!

* 19ish lbs
* I can't measure her accurately, she's too squirmy
* I had this post all ready to go and this morning I put her down for her 9am nap and she was not having it. I was watching her on the monitor and suddenly she disappeared. Go into her room and to see her standing in her crib. We are screwed.
*I am still nursing and I'm so happy I made it this far.  I think I will probably make it to my goal of a year but we shall see. She still gets one bottle of formula before bedtime.
*Still in size 3 diapers for another pound or two, I think
*6-12 month clothing, 12 month pjs (not sure why but these fit great)
*I may or may not have a little fall wardrobe going for her already due to buying stuff on clearance last year and a few good sales. Even though I'm enjoying summer, part of me cannot wait to see her in her little little fall wardrobe, especially since she's likely to be walking soon. There's something so adorable about little tots walking around!
*Seriously a little monkey. She's all over everything. She pulls herself up on everything possible. The couch, our bed, her crib, her toys, any chairs in our house, the tub.
*She's very strong. She's already cruising along furniture and has no problem standing holding on to something very lightly.
*I taught her how to high five which makes me happy every time we do it.
*I'm also teaching her how to sign, clap and wave hello.
*She turns pages in books at bedtime
*She has been napping and sleeping amazingly. 2 naps a day and an early bedtime keeps her happy and healthy, although we did have one bad night where she woke up quite a few times due to being sick. In that instance she got extra cuddles and I stayed in the room for a few minutes until she fell asleep and slipped out.
*This girl loooooooooves her food. Bananas, Avocado and Blueberries are her fave. I also gave her Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese for dinner last night which was a hit until she demanded more avocado and blueberries
*I get her up in the morning, feed her and let her play a little bit while Leigh sleeps in a bit longer before he has to get up for work. Lately she crawls over to the bedroom door and bangs on it saying Dadda until he wakes up. It's adorable.
*Her face lights up when she sees people she knows. Especially Leigh and I and her grandparents. So far she has very little reservations when it comes to strangers talking to her, probably because we run into so many different people in our apartment elevator ect.
*She went through a short phase of hating the car, but that's over now thanks to a kiddie song CD my mom bought her. I always wondered why people played kid music instead of regular music, I figured kids must like regular music exactly the same. Ummm nope. If she has her music on, we won't hear a peep other than her babbling along with the music.
*She still really loves the ergo and I'm dreading the day when she doesn't like it anymore or gets too heavy. I love that snuggle time with her. The other day she really needed a little cat nap because it was a long stretch from her last nap till bedtime but she just wouldn't fall asleep. Because she was all snuggly in the ergo she was so happy even without the nap.

Every month seems to be more fun than the last. Don't get me wrong, every month comes with new challenges too. Armed with sleep, we can handle anything. It's so much fun watching her grow up!

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