Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Fun and Not So Fun

Friday was our anniversary, which we are putting off celebrating until this weekend. We had Hilary's birthday celebration on Friday night. I was in charge of bringing a birthday dessert/cake and I had the brilliant idea of checking Pinterest for other people's brilliant ideas and decided on a Krispy Kreme cake! Hilary and Leigh have been going to Krispy Kreme's for years and years before I came along so it was perfect. I even made him go get them in her honor! :-P

I think it was a hit!

These two.

Saturday morning was a chill morning around here. Leigh and I usually swap on weekends, I get up, feed the baby, hang out with her till about 7 or so, go back to bed, get up feed her again and put her down for her nap and then we'll relax or sometimes both nap again.

She wandered into her room and two seconds later I found her like that. :-S

Lately I've been throwing on a movie for my own entertainment while Arianna plays, which of course I'm only half watching because I can't take my eyes off her. (See Above Photo) I put on We Bought A Zoo which took me all day to finish watching but it was so good! How did I not watch it for that long?!

In the afternoon, we went out to Lunch Doctor, who has the best sandwiches pretty much ever in my opinion. Then we headed down to Osprey Days in Pitt Meadows, which was just closing up but thankfully the ice cream shop was open. I was just saying to Leigh the other day that I wanted REAL ice cream that you get out of a bucket with a scoop, and what do you know, they had my all time favourite ice cream flavour: Raspberry Cheesecake!

The rest of the weekend was more of the same just relaxing around the house.

The hitch of the weekend, or the "not so fun" is the temporary setback of Arianna's sleep. She's doing SO much crawling, cruising along furniture, standing up every 5 seconds, including in her crib, and just exploring her little world that she is not as interested in sleep. Once asleep, she's fine and stays asleep for her normalish amount of time, still sleeping through the night. It was a bit of a battle to get her to sleep over the weekend but thankfully it's definitely improving as she settles into her new busy life!

I just can't, with the ponytail.

Or this.

Taking selfies with my little crazy muffin.

So what did we learn from this post? My weekends are boring. Haha. I know I need to plan more fun stuff but sometimes I just don't even know where to start and what's good to do with a young baby. If anyone has any fun ideas, please share! Next weekend I've decided to have more fun. That's my weekend goal ;-)

Now I'm off to find out who A is on Pretty Little Liars!!!

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