Thursday, August 6, 2015

Have Courage & Be Kind

I was debating even posting this because I don't think these things should be done for recognition but then I realized there's another reason to post it. Inspiration for someone else to do something.

Have you ever been out somewhere and something happens and you think "I should do ____ and help this person." ? You know that voice that pops into your head but sometimes it's scary or you don't quite move quick enough.

Today that voice urged me to do something, and in the grand scheme of things it's NOT a big thing. I spent $5 and used about two seconds of my time but it was so worth it.

I had a bit of a quiet day today, which is rare. I decided to do a little wandering in between Arianna's naps. I checked out the kids consignment store in Pitt Meadows and then I decided to pop over to the book store which is just behind that mall. It was quite busy in there, and I felt like a bit of an ass with my giant stroller. I turned around and a sweet little girl (I'm guessing somewhere in the 6-8 range but I actually have no idea) was nervously trying to get around me so I got out of the way quickly. She picked out her books in the kids section and I heard her mom talking about how she's such an avid little reader and she can read two books a day. The girl told her mom all she wanted for Christmas was books. The store has a credit option so if you bring it books you can get credits for new books.
Instantly a little thought popped into my head "You have $5 in your purse, give it to the owner and put it on that girl's credit for next time."
Once they left, I did exactly that. The store owner seemed so delighted and I told her about how when I was younger, the local bookstore had a stamp card for every $5 you spent. I think it was 10 stamps and you got $5 free. Each Baby Sitter's Club book was $5 so it was all very exciting. I LOVED when my parents took me to the bookstore and I could pick out my books. It made me so happy.
Arguable I may have spent a little TOO much time reading and could have used a little more social time haha, but in reality reading made me who I am today.

Anyways, enough about that. My point is that if that voice pops into your head to help a little old lady out with her groceries or pay for someone's meal, just do it! It honestly has made me so happy all day to picture how excited that girl must be to go pick out her next books. And more importantly, she maybe will think that people in the world are kind.

It's one of my new goals to do more kind things. Imagine if everyone left their house in the morning thinking of something they can do for someone else. I want to do a whole kindness day where I do as many kind things as possible for an entire day! How much fun would that be?

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