Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Goals

It's the first day of August! Let's not talk about how it was just Christmas and our precious baby girl was just a teeny newborn. I had a total case of the July blues and after reading a few other blogs I realized this is totally a thing. I used to make goals every single month and I haven't probably since Arianna was born. It's a fresh new month and I'm feeling refreshed!

1. only stevia in my coffee (and milk)
Ever since finishing whole30 I slowly crept back into my sweet coffee habit. It's hard to control the amount of sugar and it's just not good. Stevia it is. I'm armed with packets and liquid stevia in my purse.

2. blog three times a week
I have so many half written blog posts in my drafts, it's ridiculous. My favourite blogs are ones that I can count on posting a few times a week so that's what I'm going to do. Facebook is boring and sad, Instagram makes me want all the food and purses and shoes and baby clothes so I'm renewing my blog love this month.

3. walk every morning
With it being so freaking hot out, I hadn't been walking until a few weeks ago. Not every day, but I started walking early in the mornings as Leigh was leaving for work. I walk away from the house for 15-20 minutes and then turn around and go back. It has really helped my energy and mood levels so I want to keep it up. It also keeps Arianna calm and busy until her nap and obviously Layla loves it.

4. do 5 fun summer activities
I'm notorious for big plans and not doing them. I'm going to attempt to take advantage of the last full month of summer (still got 7.5 weeks left, people!) and do some fun summery stuff. Like making sangria and reading by the pool, perhaps.

5. Clear out wardrobe for fall. I'm kind of obsessed with this whole capsule wardrobe idea. Have you heard of it? You pick a set number of items (I think 37 but you can choose any number) and pack the rest of your stuff away for the entire season. And don't shop! After having a look through my fall clothes I have to say. I hate all my clothes. I have nothing to wear. Seriously! I have some really great jeans and a couple sweaters and I have no idea what else I'm going to wear. Part of it is of course having to do with having a baby, top-wise nothing fits the same anymore. I don't have to dress up for work. Workout clothes are what I wear to work and they don't count for capsule wardrobes I will be posting about this as I figure out what goes in a Non-Frumpy Active Mama wardrobe.

6.Find out who A is.
This is a joke. Kind of. Obviously it can't be a goal because I have no control, but we are supposed to finally find out soon. So it's on the list.Anyone else addicted to this show? Aside from the people I talked into watching it on Netflix. :-P

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