Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I just got home from a fantastic weekend in the US, specifically an adorable little town called Enumclaw. It is seriously the most picture perfect small town. I forgot my camera at home so I didn't take many pictures since I only had my Blackberry. I wish I had taken some pictures of the downtown area, it was exactly what you'd see in a movie! It reminded me of the town in Runaway Bride for some reason.

Anyways, it was so nice to get away and spend some time in a different area. My husband and I left Thursday afternoon and it was so nice and sunny all day Friday and Saturday, which was such a nice treat! We didn't do much all weekend, a little bit of shopping, but mostly relaxing. Helping us in that department was my trusty Margaritaville maker! It was a huge hit with my in laws and their friends. Leigh just shook his head at us, drinking his Miller High Life. 

Side note: Cannot get over how much cheaper liquor is in the US than in Canada.
Some more pictures from the weekend:

Since it was Good Friday, I volunteered to make my favourite meatless dish for everyone. It was a huge hit as expected!. I used low fat ricotta and mozzarella by the way. :-) Get the recipe here.

 My husband, possibly due to consumption of Miller High Life, decided he would let me fly one of his dad's RC planes, a glider. They are super into this hobby, which is great because I like to go with them with my lawn chair and read my Kobo. Anyways, I did not crash his plane which was excellent. It was actually fun! You can see the little speck in the below picture, that's my husbands other plane. The plane at the bottom is the one I flew.

This is Duke, my in laws dog. He is one of the sweetest dogs ever. I think he wasn't feeling good or something because he jumped up on our airbed and decided to sleep in between us!

I am super relaxed after this awesome weekend, which is good because I'm starting a course tomorrow and I need to concentrate! I am working on another post regarding one of my fave things: books!! For a sneak peek, I'll tell you what I just read which was every bit as juicy and satisfying as I thought it would be:

If you are a Sweet Valley High fan, you simply must read it. That is all.



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  2. It is funny to read "a fantastic weekend in the US"; made me double take where you were from. I'm here from WeddingBee! :) Happy Easter season!