Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We All Need a Little Motivation and Inspiration..

I'm so sorry for taking so long to post again, I've been very busy with all my plans for the next few months, lots of exciting things coming! Today, I'll be talking about motivation and inspiration, the thing we all need to get our butts in gear!  One thing I'd like to talk about today is celebrities after having babies. The last few years there has been a huge baby boom in Hollywood and celeb moms are watched like crazy after the baby is born to see how fast they'll lose the weight. I feel bad for these moms, because they deserve to have the time to spend with their new baby and not have to worry about being scrutinized. The problem is, there are some celebs that seem to pop out the baby and be as skinny as ever! That's not how it goes for most people!

There are two celeb moms in particular that have been publicly open about their struggle to get back into pre-baby shape, and both are just doing absolutely awesome. Yes, I'm sure they have trainers and nutritionists, but we all have access to the same information, don't we? All it takes is moving your butt, and these women have been working theirs off!

Alison Sweeney
I have always admired her and have watched her on Days of Our Lives for years and years. She struggled with her weight quite a bit and then one day she realised she just needed to DO SOMETHING about it! She got in great shape and everyone who watched the show noticed. She also is one of the hosts of the Biggest Loser, and she says being on the show has taught her everything she needs to know about health and being in shape.
Here's a pic of her prego in 2008:

She just bared her awesome bikini bod in a photo shoot  with People Magazine:

Pretty amazing if you ask me! She also wrote a book called the Mommy Diet which I actually want to read (I know, I'm not a mommy, but I am interested in helping women get back in shape after babies!)

Another new mom who has publicly struggled with losing her baby weight is Kendra Wilkinson. Now, you gotta remember, she used to be a PLAYBOY MODEL! I watched one episode of Kendra where she was trying to do her own Girl's Next Door workout video, it was hilarious. But the struggle for her was not fun, especially when her own wedding ring didn't fit and the tabloids reported that there must be trouble in paradise. Jerks! Anyways, here is a pic of Kendra when she was pregnant:

And this is her now with her adorable little guy:

Also, she is currently on Dancing with the Stars, which has whipped several celebs in shape! In case your interested, here's Kendra in one of her DWTS costumes:

And if you need further motivation from a REAL person as in non celeb, a friend of mine named Sara recently got her success story featured on the Eat Clean Diet website. I highly recommend you go check it out! This girl is dedicated to her fit and healthy lifestyle and it definitely shows!

So I hope you've gotten a little bit inspired from these amazing women! I will be doing regular posts on motivation and inspiration so stay tuned!!



  1. Great blog, Taren! I am so excited to follow it.
    And so amazing that your friend accompolished such a great lifestyle change. I loved reading that story.
    Everyone is different but speaking from experience, I had my son and it took 4 months to get off the baby weight (32ibs) which is actually not long at all. I just continued the lifestyle we had prior to the baby. The first 6 weeks we didn't do any "gym" stuff, just outdoor walks as a family. At 6 weeks, I saw a personal trainer 3x a week for a month and then did it on my own with a new program from a trainer every 4-6 weeks. Also, I cut down to 2-3x a week at the gym, with walks on other days (I was going 5-6x a week before baby and 3x a week during pregnancy). Breastfeeding on demand is a magical aid in weight loss too. I haven't breastfed for 4.5 months and I am still 10 pounds lighter than before baby. So many people get into a frame of mind of "eating for two" or that activity during pregnancy isn't safe. There are ways to do it that are safe and healthy for you and the baby. Unless the doctor tells you you can't do things there are no excuses. The mind is a powerful tool. It's women like us that need to motivate and keep mothers and moms to be focused and healthy.

    Yay Taren!