Monday, April 25, 2011

My Spring/Summer Reading List

I absolutely love reading, but I love it even more in the summer. There's something about bright blue skies, warm sunshine, cold drinks and freshly cut grass that just beckons me to lay down and read a book outside! This summer there are so many great books coming out, by all my favourite authors. So here is my list:

Firstly, I will be reading this very soon for my book club in May. We are planning on meeting up for a discussion that will probably barely mention the book, followed by seeing the movie based on the book!

 Jen Lancaster is one of my favourite authors/people on the planet. She is freaking hilarious in a refreshingly honest way. I read her website/blog Jennsylvania all the time for entertainment. If you haven't read her memoirs, check them out. She wrote a novel about home ownership that I'm sure is based on her own experiences but does not star herself, and I can't wait to read it.
If you were here is out May 3.
 Oh are so damn good at what you do! Jackie Collins writes ridiculously addictive books. They are shocking, scandalous and downright delicious. I can't wait for her next one, featuring the famous Lucky Santangelo.

Goddess of Vengeance is out April 26.
 This one isn't out for awhile yet but I am so looking forward to it. Lindsey Kelk wrote the "I heart" series, which I posted about last year here. I love her books and I know this one is going to be awesome. I discovered her last year and I find she writes similar to Sophie Kinsella. They are the perfect fun beach books.

Not out till August 2011, boo!
Candace Bushnell, the author/creator of Sex and the City, wrote a book last year called "The Carrie Diaries" taking us back in time to when Carrie is in her senior year of high school. It got mixed reviews, but I enjoyed picturing Carrie at that age. I especially loved the ending of the book! This year the sequel to that book called "Summer in the City" will be released and I believe it's about when Carrie first comes to New York.

Summer in the City is out April 26.
 Jennifer Weiner is one of the reigning queens of chick lit.  Her books are sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always real. Little Earthquakes was one of my favourites, but they are all great. This year she releases "And Then Came You" which is about four women coming together out of obligation and struggling to become a family. That's what Amazon says anyways, it doesn't give too much info. 

Then Came You is out July 12.
 In other exciting Jennifer Weiner news: She wrote a TV show! It's called the Great State of Georgia starring Raven Symone. Who, by the way looks fabulous at the moment, she has gotten in amazing shape! I will have to do a post on her on my other blog. The show will air in June on ABC Family so we might not get it here, but still exciting for one of my fave authors!

I also like to add some motivational reading to my bookpile...or book list since it's now all electronic for me. I have these two on my shelf and will be reading them soon as well.

I read the Smart Cookies first book years ago, but now that I'm married and we are sharing our money, I think this will be very helpful! 

The only question is, what to read first?! What's on your reading list?


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  1. Thanbk you for the book list!!!! I think i need to start with Jilian Michaels book FIRST , get really motivated to stay with the weight loss!!! I also , want to go see the movie, water for elephants. I have always wanted to be in a book club! How fun!
    have a pretty day!