Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Personal Post... Also Tea and Tabitha!

Having two blogs is hard work. I never know what to post on which one, because most things in my life usually relate to one or the other. I need some sort of system!

In the past little while, my life has become incredibly busy. After a few months of sitting at home and wondering how to get my life going again, it feels very good. See I am an easily overwhelmed person. The entire time I've been with my husband he has been encouraging me to do my Personal Trainer certification. When I thought about all the steps to do it, I would get overwhelmed and think how can I do all that, it's so much work!! I'm just going to cozy up on the couch and read a book instead. I'm not joking.

But not following my passion was making me miserable, as you may have read in my earlier post. I've wanted to do this for so long, and now I'm doing it. Once I took the first step, it fueled me to keep going. The thing is that I used to think I was the only person who didn't do things they wanted to do, because they were scared or overwhelmed. Now I know that this is normal. Changing your life is not easy. It's easy once you take the first step, but DECIDING to take the first step is hard. So if you're thinking of making a change in your life, know that the first step is the hardest.

The other day, I was feeling a bit crappy, I thought I still have so much to do before I finish my certification, I just want to start now! I've been waiting for this forever! Then I opened my mailbox. And I had this.

It's only one of three (I think?) certificates that I need to be BCRPA registered, but I honestly can't tell you how happy having this certificate made me. It didn't come with the frame ,I went out and bought it right away and hung it on the wall to remind me to keep going.

Anyways, back to how busy I am! So, currently I am:

1. Working at the front desk of the gym I plan to train my clients at.
2. An office assistant to a very successful, fantastic lady! (This job is very recent and I'm so pleased with it)
3. Working on my own training. I need my own trainer! Of course I know what to do but I have to motivate myself.
4. Starting my next part of my certification, Weight Training!

So there you have it! On top of that I have my personal life and relationships which are always number one! But this is my life right now and I am loving it! I am enjoying the process and the journey and not worrying about the outcome and it feels great!

This weekend, was so busy and so fun, just a few things:
My husband was born in Liverpool so I am obsessed with England. Especially English candy. So fantastic. Leigh and I went to a real life English tea shop about 30 minutse from our house on Saturday morning. It's in a area called Clayburn and the shop is called Clayburn Village. One half is a tea shop and the other half is a candy shop. Heaven!

I'm not going to lie, my first question was "Where's the Splenda?" lol
I also went to the hair show with my sister this weekend, which was lots of fun! I got to see Tabitha from Tabitha's Salon Takeover! If you've never watched the show, she basically goes to a salon for a week and whips them into shape. She seems scary on her show, but she is not in person at all! I found her funny and so inspiring. She has a book, which I want to read (of course!) about her life, show, ect. 

I love books like this, I love a glimpse into a person's life. If you'd like to have a glimpse into another blogger's life, check out my friend Jen's blog, the baked life to see what a day in her life looks like! This is such a fun idea for a post!
More later!


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