Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Eat Healthy the Easy Way

Have you ever gotten busy and let yourself get too hungry? And then when you ate you either felt way too full or not satisfied or just didn't feel good for the rest of the day? I do too sometimes. Yesterday, for instance, I was out of the house for a few hours between 11 and 3 and since I was away this weekend, I didn't have any snacks in the house to take with me.
This brings me to the single most important (in my opinion) aspect of healthy eating:
                                           BEING PREPARED!!

It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I think that was Winston Churchill but correct me if I'm wrong! Anyways, being prepared meaning having food ready to eat is such a HUGE part of eating healthy. It makes it so much easier to stay on track. Getting hungry is a recipe for disaster. Last time I let myself get too hungry, I went and got a burger. It was gross and I threw it out after a few bites and I was mad because it was expensive and I make better ones at home. It made me resolve to try harder to not let that happen.

Here are a few tips that have helped me and also my husband, who greatly benefits from my planning and preparing meals ahead of time.

1. Make big batches of your healthy staples. Mine are chicken, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta for my husband, and tuna (a tiny bit of light mayo with diced pickles)

2. Make a big pot of clean something! It's still raining in most parts so get your soup/stew/chili eating time in now. If you use a slow cooker, it takes minutes to prepare lunches for the entire week. See my recipes tab for my fave recipes. Also what I love about this is soups and stews are so filling!

3. Make some homemade protein bars! They are filling, nutritious and help you get in extra protein without yet another chicken breast! Plus they hit the sweet spot!

4. Hard boil eggs. If you pop out the yolk or just eat one, they are high in protein and low in calories and fill you up fast. It's a perfect thing to pair a piece of fruit with.

5. Speaking of fruit: buy some. Wash it. Put it in your fridge in a pretty bowl so you see it when you open the door.

 6. Also, veggies. I find having pre-cut veggies helps me a lot because I never feel like cutting them when I'm hungry.

7. Store everything in glass containers. They are a great investment for your health since they are easy to clean and won't contaminate your food.

These are President's Choice Containers

8. Have a nice big pitcher of water in your fridge at all times. I have a Brita, and for some reason I just drink more water if I can pour myself a nice cold pure glass. I also like adding slices of lemon.

9. Have a nice reusable water bottle (or a few, just in case) so you can leave the house with a full bottle of water at all times.

10. I also got my husband a shaker cup and stocked up on 1L containers of almond milk so he can have low calorie protein shakes at work whenever he gets hungry. We scoop out servings and put them in baggies so they're ready to go.

 I hope you liked my tips, they have certainly made eating clean easier for me! I'd love to hear your tips too, so leave them in the comment section!


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