Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Really Late Weekend Update

Happy September! I love this time of year but I'm not going to talk about fall until it's actually fall. There are 16 days left of summer left, so no fall talk till then, k? K.
Anyways, I meant to post this on Monday, and then Tuesday. Really, I have nothing exciting to post because to celebrate Labour Day I literally did no labour. I was SO lazy. I didn't have any clients or work to do most of the weekend so I just rested most of the time which was fabulous.

I kicked off the weekend with the PNE on Friday night, which is a yearly tradition with my besties. I think we started going 5 years ago, I found this pic from the first one, which is also the year I went on the drop zone ride and the revelation. I also managed to get myself stuck on the drop zone somehow, you were supposed to stand on this thing and keep your legs straight but I didn't and as a result I was stuck in a kneeling position and they had to bring out their little machine to come get me down. Seriously laughing just thinking about that.

Anyways, fast forward five years and here we are! No crazy rides or any rides for these girls! 

We just like to walk around and eat, pretty much. Sno-Cones and mini donuts are my fave. I also maybe stopped by this food truck. To do more than take a picture.


We saw Martina McBride for the free concert. I'm not a huge country fan but Martina McBride has an amazing voice and her songs are always uplifting which I love.

The rest of the weekend was spent reading, napping, snuggling both husband and dog, sometimes against their will, and a couple restaurant trips. 

My favourite: dressed up with sangria
 We also went for sushi with our friends on Monday night, because who wants to cook on Labour Day? Nooo thank you. 

So that's my pretty boring weekend update, but I loved it. And now because I'm a bad dog mom, I leave you with this pic of Layla wearing my sleep mask. 

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