Thursday, September 5, 2013

Can't Stop Thinking About...

September always feels like a second chance at the year. The weather cools down and there's always a bit of excitement in the air, right up until Christmas. For me anyways. I LOVE September-December. First, the leaves change colour and make going for a walk feel like a beautiful, colourful adventure. Then birthdays, Thanksgivings, (we celebrate American and Canadian, it's awesome) and of course my favourite Christmas season.

Like I said, I am still enjoying Summer but I can't stop thinking supplies. And how I want them. September feels like a fresh start and I want fresh school supplies. I mean grown up organizational supplies. Getting grown up organizational supplies is just the responsible thing to do. 

Some ways to get new school supplies adult organizational supplies for yourself without feeling like a weirdo:

Adorable printed binders can be used for recipes, budgeting spreadsheets and printed out articles.
I really love Martha Stewart's notebooks for making daily to do lists and shopping lists.
Honestly her whole line of organizational stuff is amazing. If you really want to get your shit together, head to Staples asap! She'll have your bills, cupboards and whole life organized! Or at least inspire you to attempt it.

I love these pens so much, and they used to be really cheap. They are not cheap anymore so I bought pretty much the exact same thing from the dollar store for two bucks.

I'm addicted to dayplanners. Recently I discovered Erin Condren's planners. They are seriously amazing. They personalise them for you. Warning though, they start at 50 dollars! Which seems like a lot, which is why I signed myself for the mailing list, I'm waiting for a kick ass coupon code to come my way.

Honestly though, all that stuff is great but what I really want is something I can't figure out a legit reason to buy:
If someone figures that out, please let me know. So far, I've got nothing.

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