Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bump Love {29 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of an Acorn Squash!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Still a baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: I'm at that annoying stage where I don't want to spend more money on maternity clothes but I am seriously running out of options. When I go to the states with the girls next weekend I'm hoping I will find some good deals to keep me going till I can wear my leggings and jeans again. I was pretty excited that it rained this week so I could wear comfy leggings and rain boots. Although I forgot that my ankle is not healed and it did not feel good when I pulled OFF my rainboots!

Best Moment This Week: Hands down, seeing her face on the ultrasound screen. I always thought those pics were a bit creepy but when it's your own kid they totally grow on you. I can't stop looking at her face. 

Miss Anything? Sleeping well. :-(

Sleep:  I just can't get comfy anymore. I seem to get more comfy with naps  or when Leigh goes to work. It might be something to do with having more room when it's just me in the bed (sorry babe!) so I'll have to make more time for naps I suppose.

Movement: She's not much of a kicker but she's constantly wiggling around. 

Cravings: Not really anything but my friend Hilary made these potatoes with alderwood smoked bacon that were seriously out of this world.

Aversions: Not into beef this week at all. 

Symptoms: Heartburn is top at the list. It hits out of nowhere, usually while I'm in the middle of training clients.

Sometimes I also feel like my belly is so tight like she doesn`t have enough room in there. When she moves in different directions it seriously feels like she`s trying to escape! It can get pretty uncomfortable but usually passes. Other than that, I feel pretty darn good! 

Workouts: After getting so sick of not fun walking, I decided to try a workout on the recumbent bike. What a joke. My legs hit my belly each time I went around on the petals. I finally tried the upright bike and that was actually the best. I'm trying to do a little bit each day but no crazy workouts over here, that's for sure.

Baby Items Purchased: I bought a glider off Craigslist that I plan to recover and I'm so excited about it. I went back and forth with whether I wanted one or not. I knew I didn't want to shell out several hundred dollars so I went with this option. Even though I'm not entirely sure it falls on my "necessity" list, I think it'll be great to have a comfy spot to sit and feed the baby and also use it for nighttime reading when she's a bit older. Also, my in-laws bought us a carseat! Starting to feel real now!

Mood: I still feel incredibly excited that it's coming up so close. I also feel like organizing like crazy, but then I get tired halfway through lol.

Loving: Now that I know where her head is (kinda above my belly button) I can feel that she is constantly changing positions because sometimes her head will be more to the left or to the right or higher or lower. Her arms and legs are on my right side so I can feel them kinda kick around. The best is watching my belly move, before bed I pull up my shirt and just watch for her to do her crazy stunts in there!

Looking Forward To: Being 30 weeks tomorrow! Feels like I'm getting so close although I think time might slow to a crawl soon :-P

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