Monday, August 11, 2014

The Funny Story Behind Our 3D Scan

On Saturday, Leigh and I booked a last minute appointment for a 3D ultrasound.

Back in the beginning of June, I had my 20 week scan done. I asked the ultrasound tech to not tell me the gender because of the gender reveal party. She gave me an envelope that contained a picture of the baby from the ultrasound with "Baby Girl!!" typed in from her computer. The day before the party I went to the midwife and I asked them not to mention the gender of the baby because of the party. 

About a month later, I went to the midwife for my next appointment, and I brought my Mom with me. We met one of the midwives for the first time and was explaining the party concept to her and my mom showed her a picture of the cut open cake.

She looked at me and said "They told you you were having a girl?"

I said "Yesss....why?"

She then turned the computer screen to me and showed me the ultrasound report. Next to gender, there was an M.

All I can say was in was in total shock and wanted to run out of there down to Medray to find out what was going on. Thank God I brought my mom because she kept me calm the rest of the appointment, even though I couldn't focus. We left the appointment with a printed copy, went to my house to grab the original baby girl photo from it's placed on the fridge.

My Mom made me wait in the car while she went in to the Medray clinic. She came out about 15 minutes later and handed me the baby girl photo. She told me she spoke to the technician who said she just typed in the wrong gender on the report (which was done like an hour after my scan) and she would send a new report over to the midwives right away.

So we were on our merry way, I was relieved that I didn't have to take back all my girl clothes and pink basinette and start over. The whole situation kind of gnawed at me though. After all, this kind of thing has happened in my family before. 6 years ago, we all thought my nephew was a girl and he was a big surprise the night he was born!

Last week, I went back to the midwife for my monthly appointment. It was a different midwife (there are 3 total) and she mentioned she heard what had happened last time about the wrong gender on the ultrasound report. She sits down and says "So have you thought about circumcision?"

I calmly replied "Umm the baby is a girl....I think..."

She was incredulous that they STILL had not sent over a new report despite my mom's visit AND a written request that they had sent asking for a correct report. 

The next few days, I started questioning things. I looked at the report and the times and thought what if this person is wrong? Then on Friday night I dreamt the baby was a boy. I woke up and made an appointment for an ultrasound at 3D Mom and Baby. It's a quick affordable appointment for gender determination (or confirmation in my case) and Leigh was fully on board, so we headed out after I was done work.

The people at the clinic were so nice and helpful, they squeezed us in and totally sympathized with the situation. Within a minute of the ultrasound, the tech said "It's definitely a girl!" and then showed us the baby for a few minutes.

We also got some amazing 4D pictures of her face. I am the first to admit these are a bit creepy, but honestly when it's your own baby's face that you are just dying to meet, it's the best thing in the world. She had her arms and legs up by her face the entire time during the scan but she did give us a few glimpses. She also yawned while in 4D and it was so cute. I love knowing that she has such adorable full lips!

Another funny little part of the story, after the scan we were absolutely starving so we went to Lunch Doctor, which is my fave sandwich place ever. The lady working (I think one of the owners) informed me I'm having a girl, and said she is never, ever, wrong. She said she has even told people they were having one gender, even though their scan said otherwise and she was right. I told her I was very happy she agrees we are having a girl in that case!

The whole thing threw me for a loop a little, but now that it's all sorted out it's kinda funny so I thought I'd share!

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