Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bump Love {30 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of a Cucumber!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Girl!

Maternity Clothes: One of my friends gave me a huge bag of fall maternity clothes and I am so grateful! I really didn't want to buy more to only wear them for a few months and I plan to do the same and pass all my clothes along!

Best Moment This Week: Having coffee with my friend who gave me maternity clothes and her newborn baby boy. Pretty sure we talked babies and pregnancy the entire time but that's kinda where my head is at these days so it was awesome!

Miss Anything? At this point I don't remember what it's like to NOT be pregnant so I'm gonna go with no. :-P

Sleep is just a cruel joke these days. I loathe the idea of getting into bed because I know I will be way more uncomfortable than I am just sitting on the couch! I find it interesting though, that I am no more tired than normal even though I'm getting no sleep. I am tired but not overly so. I seriously think it's some weird way of getting my body to just learn to rest for short periods aka while baby is asleep!

Movement: A lot of big movements this week. The midwife thinks she is now head down, which is awesome. At the 3D ultrasound less than two weeks ago she wasn't in this position so it explains all the crazy movements! 

Cravings: Nothing really. I'd like to officially note that the food part of pregnancy fun seems to be over, I don't really have cravings and I don't feel like ANYTHING most of the time. It takes me forever to decide what to eat!

Aversions: Beef and chicken. If I smell it while it's cooking it's game over.  

Symptoms: Heartburn, tiredness, general feeling of tiny child trying to escape through my belly button. That's pretty much it.

Workouts: Pretty minimal this week just a bit of walking.

Baby Items Purchased: Nope but I'm going shopping in the states this weekend unsupervised by hubby so who knows what I'll end up buying! Trying to be good though, we don't have a lot of room until our apartment is done!

Mood: Excited and a bit emotional/nervous this week to be honest. Hormones!

Loving: It's pretty darn exciting that the baby could be coming in 9 or so weeks if she's on time. Also, I don't know if this is pregnancy related but I just feel showered with love this week. My clients have brought me Okanagan peaches, smoked salmon and flowers! And other client told me if I go into labour while I'm training her she will drive me to the hospital. I'm so lucky to have these people in my life!

Looking Forward To: Girl time this weekend! We are staying in Birch Bay and shopping all over. I can't wait for time with my girls and to FINALLY go shopping in the states because it has been months!

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