Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bump Love {28 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of An Eggplant!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: Wardrobe is getting extremely limited, I think I only have a few weeks left of my non-stretchy maxis. I did buy a new tshirt (in above pic) during the Old Navy sale though that I have now been living in.

Best Moment This Week: Lying in bed with Leigh feeling the baby kick is the best. It will never get old.

Miss Anything? Nope, my wish came true this week and the temperature cooled down a tiny bit while still being sunny. Perfect.

Sleep: Not great. No matter how early I get to bed I'm just not falling into that deep sleep. I've been so busy the last few weeks I haven't been napping but it might be time to start sneaking them in.

Movement: So much movement. I still can't figure out exactly what she's doing in there but it's happening a lot! When I go to bed and lay down she moves around for a bit, gets comfy and I think goes to sleep. Let's hope her sleep patterns stay the same when she's born (wishful thinking, I know :-P) I'm curious what her position is because most of the movements are on the right side of my belly. Although I'm pretty sure I felt a foot on the left side of my belly button last night.

Cravings: Broccoli. Seriously.

Aversions: Oddly have been feeling a bit nauseous the past week so some things (mostly meat) have been a no go.

Symptoms: Still just a bit slow but I think that I'm getting used to it. I feel so much pressure on my pelvis when I'm walking or standing. Heartburn still hits right before bed.

Workouts: Why did I ever put this question in my little survey? I am still pretty active but not doing any specific working out this week. Walks are pretty much it right now but I do have a workout planned tomorrow.

Baby Items Purchased: First box of diapers has been purchased! They're so cute and tiny.

Mood: Excited! When I think about meeting her finally I get like Christmas Eve excited!

Loving: My big round bump. I love it so much! Even though I'm excited to be able to wear "normal" clothes again one day I think I'm going to miss my bump when it happens. 

Looking Forward To: My midwife appointment tomorrow. I'm excited to see how the baby is progressing and hear the heartbeat!

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  1. Love your belly! Feeling her move must be so cool! I can't wait for that. What made you go with a midwife over a doctor?