Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunsets, Macarons and a Long Weekend

Leigh and I weren't exactly ready to party after a long week on Friday night, we had a nap after work. When we got up, I quickly took a bump date picture for the blog. I am going to attempt to move these back into earlier in the week. We went out for a coffee just for something to do but I had to hit the hay pretty early since I had an early client. There was an amazing sunset, so I had to snap a pic. Scrolling through instagram and facebook, I wasn't the only one!

Saturday, after my client I headed to the store for a short shift. After that was done, I stopped by a liquor store to get a bottle of champagne for my friend Jen's surprise party later that night. At the liquor store, despite being 7 months pregnant I got offered a wine sample (I declined) AND I got ID'd. Boo.

The surprise party was held at Jen's dad's house and it was really fun. I got to see Jen's brand new baby, although I didn't quite get to steal him for snuggles as both of his grandma's were there, there was lots of competition. I also got to see her adorable toddler, who's favourite song is apparently Let It Go! What a surprise! :-P There was also some pretty amazing food, which I dug into with no idea what was in it. I used to be such a picky eater I can't believe that I was halfway through my plate when I asked what kind of food it was. Filipino, apparently! It was soo good!

I was so tired after dinner that Leigh and I headed home but sadly I missed a MACARON BIRTHDAY CAKE! I was scrolling through instagram in bed and saw pics of it and fell asleep dreaming of macarons.

Sunday, I woke up and got dressed. Correction, tried to get dressed. While realizing that my wardrobe is now extremely limited. I tried on about 3 different things before putting on the dress I wore to the party the night before. Leigh offered to take me to Morgan Crossing where the H&M maternity section is apparently better. It wasn't, but we had a nice outing. Then we had to run out to Vancouver for an errand. As we were driving I tracked down a place that sells macarons on the way.

We finished off the night at Leigh's flying friend's house, where I met his lovely wife and their adorable kid. We sat by their little fireplace and made s'mores. They also gave me this amazing boysenberry spritzer in a WINE glass. It  was awesome.

Monday Leigh slept in so I got up and headed to the mall to see if I could find anything to stretch my wardrobe a bit. I ended up with a new tshirt but I almost bought this dress, except it was made out of sweatshirt material which would probably kill me in this weather so I passed. I headed back home, put on my new t-shirt and Leigh and I headed out to go anywhere with air conditioning. We ended up at Cactus Club in Park Royal, which is one of my favourite places. After lunch we were so tired so we went home to hide from the heat and kicked back for the rest of the day.

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  1. 27 weeks already?! Holy cow. Sounds like you had a great weekend :)