Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bump Love {37 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of a Giant Baby (Also a Winter Melon)

*I have total nap hair in the above picture.

*I'm currently at 37 weeks and 6 days and I am currently starting to understand why pregnant women who reach the start of full term look like they want to kill someone. Being this pregnant kind of sucks.  EVERYTHING hurts. My entire lower body feels like I did the craziest workout yesterday, except I didn't, I just maybe walked for an hour which I've been doing every day even though it hurts so bad. All of the pain is manageable but it's getting annoying.

*The other part of being this pregnant is that every day is like a year. Seriously. Time that has flown by so fast is now pretty much stopped. The fact that I'm due in a little over two weeks means nothing to me because that is decades away.

*I am trying to keep busy but I get exhausted pretty easily. I have been reading like crazy because at least it keeps my mind occupied and my body resting.

*I am having lots of little signs that labour is "coming soon" all of which mean nothing to me because if they are not happening in regular intervals and getting stronger and more frequent, it means I'm not having the baby today (or this "year") and that sucks. Don't get me wrong though, I am happy to let her cook as long as she needs to!

*I am still working a little bit, and it's keeping me sane. I have such a better day if I go to work for a bit in the morning!

*My mom and I had a girls day today, we went to Babies R Us and Target and Walmart and got all the little things I need, it was super fun! We went for lunch after and even stopped by to check on our apartment building. So I pretty much have everything I need but I don't feel ready. I'm pretty my first reaction to going into labour is going to be "Nope, not ready!" despite the fact I've been waiting for it for months.

*I checked in with the midwife on Friday, baby is in a perfect position, measuring right on time and I haven't gotten any fatter. All good news! Next week I will get "checked" for progress so that should be interesting.

*As you can see from the above picture, I was not kidding about not wearing real pants. Literally leggings every day, hoodies even though they can't be zipped up, and comfy sweatshirts including one of Leigh's that I stole. I love being comfortable when I'm so UNcomfortable from the inside out.

*This feels like the most boring pregnancy update yet. Sorry guys! I'm kinda just done and ready to meet our daughter!

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