Friday, October 31, 2014

Bump Love {40 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of a Jackfruit!

So crazy to even type that, even though I FEEL 40 weeks pregnant. Actually I feel like 100 weeks pregnant.

*I will be honest, I am kind of over bumpdates but I really wanted to document this week of pregnancy at least part of the way through since I have made it to 40 weeks (and 5 days, currently).

*Every day I feel closer and closer to labour, more intense contractions (still not regular and not intense enough to be the real thing) more pelvic pressure, nausea, ect. I just have no idea when it will actually start.

*I'm oddly pretty calm about being past my due date. According to my midwife, I'm not "overdue" until 41 weeks, which I will be on Sunday. Tomorrow, (Saturday) I have to go to the hospital for a nonstress test and utrasound to make sure she's still doing good in there. Which I'm sure she is, if her dance parties are any indication. I do have my moments of "OMG when is this going to happen" and "I'm so done" but I kinda keep trucking along.

*I am having to think about if/when I want to be induced, which is not fun. My midwife recommends that I don't go past 10 days overdue which brings us to about November 5th. I am slightly comforted knowing that the baby's position makes induction likely to be successful. Trying not to think too much about for now.

*Staying busy while resting has been my daily plan for the past few weeks. The reason being, I can't just sit around and do nothing because I will go insane, BUT I have to make sure I rest, because at any moment I can go into labour and then it may be hard to rest if I'm in pain. I need to be rested for that event!

*I have been doing pretty good in the last week or so. I admit I was a bit disappointed that she didn't come on my birthday weekend but I still had a lot of fun and I'm kinda glad because it seems like she's going to be a November baby now and she'll get her own birthday weekend!

*Every night for the past 4 nights, I've had contractions/cramps/pain until about 2 in the morning when I usually fall asleep. Then I wake up with nothing. So weird. I figure it's my body preparing. It does make it hard to get a good nights sleep though, so I've been going back to bed after Leigh goes to work to sleep for a few more hours. The baby is much less active in the early am which makes it easier to sleep. I'm afraid she may be a night owl like her mama because she's super active from around 9pm - 1 or 2am!

*Every single day at least 5 people ask me when I'm due and then proceed to look shocked when I tell them I was due last Sunday. A lot of people have told me I'm not even that big which makes me laugh because I feel like a giant turtle. I got really lucky in the "swollen" department so far. I haven't puffed up at all, at least with water weight :-P Shoes still fit and everything!

*I was bored the other night so I unpacked the baby's hospital bag and repacked it just so I could see all of her little clothes and hats and headbands. Which I may have overpacked. They're so tiny, who cares how many outfits she has!

*I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read my bumpvdates the whole time because I'm sure they got pretty boring especially recently! I'm sure once she is here I'll be so glad I documented this time in my life.

*That's all for now, I'm off to run some errands and get some last minute things organized just in case I do go into labour tonight (pretty pretty please!)

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Eeeeeeek!
    You are so close. I can't believe that you are still holding that little one in there.
    I'm sort of relieved and sort of jealous that you got to make it to 40 weeks.
    birth is so lovely - sending you sweet, encouraging thoughts and prayers!