Friday, October 17, 2014

Waiting for Baby

Random headless bump photo from this week. 
Last week I started to go a little bit crazy. Time felt like it stopped, I was trying to spend time resting but it kinda backfired and started making me feel like I was losing my mind. The last few weeks of pregnancy are no joke. Luckily I have some amazing people in my life taking care of me and pretty much spoiling me rotten.

This week has been a lot more fun. I made sure to book myself up with lots of fun activities. This is what I've been up to lately:

 I also bought a few things off buy/sell/swap sites off Facebook, which I totally recommend. I got a baby tub for $10 and they sell for $40 at baby stores. Last weekend my mom and I went shopping for last minute baby things. I needed random things like a few bottles and some things for my hospital bag. Afterwards we went for a girls lunch.

My mom also took me to see Alexander and the Terrible,  Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which was a cute family movie with a little bit of adult humour thrown in.

I've been going for lunch with friends  every day this week, which has been really fun. I even had an impromptu lunch date with Leigh this week, at one of our favourite places, Lunch Doctor in Pitt Meadows.

I got treated to another movie this week by Nicky, we saw This Is Where I Leave You, which was funny and sad but somehow I managed to keep the tears in, because I hate crying in public places.

image via Pinterest, love this idea for baby's room

I have always loved Chapters but I have found myself going there almost every day lately. First of all, it literally calms my body and mind. I don't know why but as soon as I go in there I feel happy. I have also kind of discovered children's books, and I am obsessed. They are so beautiful and sweet and I want to buy them all for my daughter. Thankfully I have a little time to build her up a library before she starts reading and even being read to. I've started a wish list for her on Chapters so I can keep track of what books I want to get her!

I've been reading like crazy, The Rosie Effect (Sequel to the Rosie Project), Shopaholic to the Stars, and currently Charlie's Glass Slippers (modern day Cinderella story, yes please). It's really been keeping my mind occupied while my body rests, which is important. I am very concious of not exhausting my body because I really have no idea when I will go into labour and I might need my energy. Reading helps.

So does watching lovely fall TV! I have been watching a lot of pilots for new shows. So far, I love A-Z starring Cristin Milioti from How I Met Your mother (love her!) as well as Marry Me. I think my favourite new show would have to be Jane the Virgin. Sounds kind of bizzare but I can't wait to see what happens and I think it's a well done show!

I made this quiche earlier this week, using J's homemade pie crust. It was amazing.

Last night I got together with J and Nicky and we watched Frozen. I know, it's shocking, both Nicky and I hadn't seen it yet.  It was really cute! I wonder what the next Disney Phenomenon will be.

This weekend we will be keeping busy doing fun things, because I'm sure this baby is going to show up when we least expect it. Oh, and 38 week bumpdate will be up tomorrow.

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