Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bump Love {36 Weeks}

The Baby is the Big as a Honeydew Melon 

*What can I say at this point? I'm no longer counting weeks but days. I am 36 weeks and 4 days. In 3 days I will be 37 weeks, which is considered the START of full term.

*I had my 36 week appointment today which was pretty exciting. It felt much more exciting than my other appointments have been. First of all, the midwife did the teeniest ultrasound ever on her laptop which was pretty cool. She only checked to make sure the baby was head down so all I saw was a little circle. Secondly, the baby's head is engaged in my pelvis which is the proper way of saying she has dropped. I definitely felt like she had dropped this past week and my belly took on a different sort of shape than normal. I have been googling about babies dropping and one thing I found interesting was people saying that it will feel like the baby is sitting in your lap when your sitting up, which I totally find to be true.

*The midwife laughed at my next question, which was is my baby normal sized or giant? She said she's usually able to guess within a pound either way and she thinks our girl will be about 7lb at birth. Perfect!

*I won't be checked for dilation or anything like that until 39 weeks, which is just the way my midwives do it. Others may check earlier and doctors start checking probably earlier. The reason is that there's no point, I could be dilated and it means nothing or I could be NOT dilated and go into labour the next day. It's not a predictor of the baby's birthday. Seemingly nothing is!
*Since I'm almost full term, I'm going to just be honest - I am holding steady at 40 pounds gained. I am totally fine with this, I don't FEEL like I have gained 40 pounds. I wouldn't have even checked my weight except they do it at the midwife office and they make you do it and tell you your weight. 40lb is pretty much exactly what I was expecting. I didn't go overboard but I didn't stress about food either. I enjoyed my pregnancy and I'm happy with that. I also know my body and when I eat "normal" food vs "diet" food I gain weight very quickly. Once  I have the baby and am given medical clearance to exercise, I will see where I am at and set some goals and put my newly learned info from my course to good use!

*I was thrown a shower by my sister and two of my best friends last weekend and it was so much fun! I couldn't believe I was at my own baby shower and it went by so fast! I will share pics from it soon. I cannot believe the adorable wardrobe this child has already.  I am so thankful to have so many amazing women in my life!

*Since maxi dress season is pretty much over, I purchased a pair of super soft tights from Aritizia and I refuse to put real pants on for the next month.

*Symptom wise....I am just super pregnant. Heartburn is probably the worst. I am sleeping okay sometimes but waking up a lot. It's hard to get into a comfy sleeping position. It's also hard to shut my mind off. Thankfully I am reading the new shopaholic book before bed which turns my brain into cotton candy fluff. I have a lot of random "pains" happening from the belly down, some of which stop me in my tracks. I wouldn't say anything is that painful, just feels so WEIRD! Since she is engaged it explains why I have so much pressure in my pelvis the past week!

*I am emotionally feeling pretty good, I am pretty calm and happy MOST of the time. I reserve the right to be crazy if needed.

*Leigh and I are ready to meet this daughter of ours. I think Leigh is maybe more ready than me, but then again I'm the one who has to go through labour. Although I do feel way better about labour after spending quite a bit of time googling "things that hurt more than labour" general consensus is lots of things hurt more, such as tooth pain. If I can handle horrible tooth pain/wisdom teeth removal/dry socket for two weeks, I can handle delivering this baby.

*Energy levels have been all over the place, ranging from "Must organize and clean everything" to "cannot get out of bed". I'm listening to my body, doing what I feel like I doing and resting when I feel like resting. I'm training a few clients still and will probably up until when I go into labour. I set up their workout and then sit on an exercise ball and supervise/motivate them from there!

*Everything is being checked off my to do list slowly and it feels great. This week I FINALLY decided on and ordered my baby carrier (Happy Baby Wrap) so that's exciting. I can't wait to get it and try it out! Of course I will be posting about all my baby gear and what I think of it, hopefully I made the right choices because it was HARD to pick stuff!


  1. Crazy how soon she could be here! So excited for you. Glad to hear you are still feeling good too

  2. Loved reading your blog!!! xo Rebecca