Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bump Love {39 Weeks}

Baby Is the Size of A Watermelon!

*Once again, this post is a day late, and I'm now today 40 weeks pregnant. And it's also my 30th birthday.

*This week I accepted that my baby will probably not make an early appearance before my birthday/due date and now I have to accept she's officially going to be late. Darn.

*I stayed super busy all week and today I'm so tired. I have been resting lots. A few times I did a bit too much and got really tired. I have been sleeping wayy in since it takes forever to fall asleep.

*Symptoms: Heartburn, sore EVERYTHING. My legs feel like lead.

*I had a midwife appointment Tuesday, everything is looking great. My body hasn't really started the labour process other than the baby already being very low and snug in my pelvis, which is a good thing. Blood pressure and heart beat are all good on our end! I have another one this Tuesday.

*I have been staying busy to keep my mind off things, but also resting/sleeping a lot. Lots of couch time with my Kobo and netflix.

*I was saying to Leigh last night that I have really enjoyed the last few weeks. It felt like a vacation before the baby comes. Of course I am super uncomfortable but I have done so many fun things and spent time with friends and family. It's just been a really nice time in my life.

*I may or may not have picked out a personalised Christmas stocking for the baby. We just have to you know actually meet her and name her before I order it.

*As of Friday morning, I am officially (reluctantly) on mat leave. I would have worked right up until going into labour but my clients were like um no how about you rest now and we will see you in January. That's how much I love my job! I know I will love being with my baby but I'm so glad my job will be such a great fit for my new mom life.

*I also miss working out, like REAL workouts. I've walked and done weights but I feel weak and tired, not strong and fit so looking forward to working my way back to that. Starting out nice and slow of course, with walking with my carrier or baby stroller!

*That's pretty much it for this week! Hopefully the next baby update I have for you guys is a BABY update instead of a preggo update!

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  1. Do you have a couple names picked out? We are trying to decide if we want to narrow it down to one or have a couple and see what she looks like first. So hard!