Friday, November 11, 2011

Cutting it close...

Today was a day that I almost didn't blog. I really didn't want to miss one day of my challenge. 

Soo...Jenn and Andrei are married!!! 

It was an amazing wedding. It felt so surreal because we were just hanging out by the pool in the morning all relaxed but it was Jenns wedding day. She was relaxed and so was Andrei which was great.
Amazing ceremony, their vows were beautiful and they both looked freaking amazing! I cant show you any pics because they are being shown at the reception. After the reception later this month I can post them.

Also, I broke my baby toe on another persons foot. Didn't know that was possible. I also have a wicked cold, which I also didn't know was possible to get in Mexico.

Still was an amazing day.

More tomorrow,


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