Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Cabo edition

What I'm loving Wednesday is not hard today. Its easy to love Wednesday from Mexico. Although blogging from Mexico is turning out to be hard. Still have no way to upload pictures without paying extra for wireless internet.

Today I am loving the following:

  • The awesome group of people I'm with and getting to spend time with people I dont get to see often.
  • Fresh salsa and guacamole with real tortilla chips
  • Tequila (is it just me or is it easier to drink in Mexico?)
  • My ever improving tan
  • The fact that when I get home there is a lot to look forward to because things are changing in a good way and Im excited. Also, I get to decorate for Christmas soon. YAY!
  • One more thing, today I am loving the arches in Cabos, they are so unbelievable in person.

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