Monday, November 7, 2011

Update from Cabo

Ola! is the deal. I am in Los Cabos, in a fantastic room with internet on a flat screen TV. Except I cannot figure out how to get pictures onto the computer. Also, I have stripper length nails for the wedding so it takes me forever to type. This is a mini post for today until I figure it out.
This place is AHHHMAAAZZING.  I have never stayed at a hotel like this, ever. Ocean views, amazing food, slushy drinks, wicked gym with ocean views. Oh, and pool chairs IN the water. I love my life at this moment. The bride and groom have a ridiculous honeymoon suite. I may have broken a champagne glass 30 seconds upon entering. 
I have done nothing since my wicked workout this morning and postworkout mimosa. We are going to a french restaurant tonight. I am told they do not have french fries.
Oh yeah, and we are staying at Barcelo. Best resort ever. Since I cannot get a picture from my camera on here, I took one from the website. This is exactly what our room looks like.

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  1. next post should involve photo of stripper-length nails and update on shenanigans going on at temptations.