Monday, November 28, 2011

Favourite Things Christmas Blog Swap

When Leigh from All You Need Is Love posted about her Favourite Things Christmas Blog Swap, I signed up right away. I have connected with so many awesome people through blogging so something like this seemed so fun. If you haven't checked out Leigh's blog, definitely add it to your list! She is awesome! We also have the same birthday!

I mailed my package on the last day. I am me, after all. I suspect Stacy, the girl who got me is a lot more organized because I got my package from her in the mail today! I took pictures of my goodies!
Individually wrapped boxes, numbered with an explanations! So organized!

My goodies!!

List of my goodies!
It's hard to read so I'll tell you what's in there - Elf! One of my favourites and I don't have it anymore so yay!, an AWESOME travel mug thing, mitten warmers, a cookie decorating kit that Stacy suggested I use with my nephew (Which is so funny because Jack LOVES cookie decorating stuff), white chocolate and fudge face masks, (can't wait to use these!), hot chocolate, tea, gift card holders, and a super cute penguin magnet!

So much fun to open everything, thank you so much Stacy, you made my day! :-) And thank you so much Leigh for organizing this!



  1. So glad that you got your package and that it seems like so much fun! I just watched Elf the other night and love it :)

  2. So happy you enjoyed it! I was so excited putting it together - my 4 year old daughter helped! I was just wondering this morning if you had received it because I sent it last Monday I believe. Can't wait to see what I get from my partner!!

  3. Wow, looks like you got a great package Taren! I'm looking forward to getting mine from you :) So exciting getting fun stuff in the mail!