Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Awesomeness

This weekend was very weird because I had very little work to do. It was actually hard to relax because I felt like I should be doing something. I did relax and so some reading throughout the weekend. On Friday, we headed over to a friends house and I picked up some wine on the way. Feeling very grown up until we get to my friends house and he can't find his bottle opener. So my bottle of wine ends up being opened with a screw and a hammer. Awesome.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, we had a movie night in one night and the other we watched the UFC fight with some friends at a nearby pub type place.
Monday, however, was a totally different story.
picture from Costco site
        So my client turned friend invited me out on her party island at Harrison Lake on Monday.  If you don't recognize the above item, think again, because you probably drooled a bit over it this summer at Costco. Sadly they are sold out. This thing is freaking awesome. 2 built in coolers, drink holders, an anchor, and the bottom part of the seating area is mesh, so you can't fall in but your feet are still in water. Amazing.


This was my view from the floaty.And yes, I brought my phone. This thing was practically a boat, so I put it in some ziplock bags and zipped it into one of the coolers which was empty. Not pictured above is 3 girls dragging a heavy ass floaty and then carrying it on our heads into the water, along with 3 bags of ice, magazines, drinks and snacks. It was quite the workout.

We look quite happy and relaxed, so I'm guessing this photo was probably taken slightly before we realised that the wind had carried us wayyy away from where we wanted to be. This super nice woman on this bumper boat thing came over and asked if we needed help, so we tied our floaty to her bumper boat and she towed us to shallower waters. It was pretty entertaining.

So much fun. Nothing like being out on the water to relax! On the downside, too much sun yesterday and a little sunburn makes me feel like a total zombie today. 

However, this song and coffee is slowly bringing me back to normal:



  1. Lol @ opening the bottle of wine with a screw and hammer! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I'm follow your blog now.

    Mel's Corner