Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

I woke up on Christmas morning to the most glorious sound in the world - my coffee machine. My sweet hubby brought me a cup of Christmas coffee in bed. I came out to my full stocking and all the Christmas lights on in their full glory. Leigh was so excited he woke me up at 630.

Layla gets to open her stocking first because she's the baby.

Leigh demanded I open my present immediately, he was obviously a little excited. I was shocked to open my very own beautiful white laptop. I love white things. I haven't had a laptop in years and years and I LOVE mine. Thank you Santa! I will post more about pressies later.

After our own little morning Christmas we headed over to open presents at Leigh's parents. Our tradition is heading to his parents quickly to open presents to the whole family can be together since Leigh's sister goes to the sunshine coast for Christmas dinner with her boyfriend. Then we either stay for brunch or head to my parents for brunch depending on who we are having dinner with.

This year was Leigh's parents turn for dinner so we headed to my parents for brunch. It was so much fun. My sister bought us glass Coke bottles for brunch, which I loved. So festive! My Mom and Dad made an amazing brunch, my brother helped with the eggs as you can see below and I made toast haha.

After brunch at my parents we headed home with our lovely presents and crashed for a lovely Christmas nap. Aren't those the best? Especially with our Christmas lights in our bedroom! After our nap, we got ready to have dinner at Leigh's parents.  I didn't really take any pics at dinner but it was really good. Julie made a roast, mashed potatoes and yorkshire puddings and I made brussel sprouts with bacon.

After dinner, Leigh and I headed home and watched more Christmas shows and snuggled up on the couch.

It was honestly such a great Christmas full of joy and happiness and fun and I feel so blessed. Can't wait till next year!

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