Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I am in full fledged, bursting at the seams excited for Christmas. Not to say it hasn't been stress-less, there's definitely been a few crazy moments. I went to not one but TWO malls today and both were nuts. But it's all done and I'm so excited. This is my favourite time, I want to soak up every relaxing, excited minute!
A few things that have been happening around here:

SNOW! Granted it's gone already but it was so lovely and magical while it was here. Leigh and I got up early on Friday and went to the states to pick up some things from the border and we had a lovely sleigh ride. Okay a lovely SUV ride, but still. It felt very Christmassy and I could not stop singing this song.

While there was still snow on the ground, we took Layla for a walk around Lafarge Lake. Before you even say anything, yes, my dog has a Christmas sweater. She has grown a lot since last Christmas so apparently she needed a new one. And yes, I'm a little jealous of it and wish it came in my size/shape.

My super sweet client got me my very own nutcracker! I am seriously so excited about this, I've always wanted a nutcracker but I couldn't bring myself to buy one for some reason. I love him! Her husband was laughing when I opened it because I was so excited. And she got me my favourite Dunkin Donuts coffee but in Christmas flavour! I am so lucky to have such amazing clients. I am enjoying being off for Christmas but I actually really miss them!

This probably isn't much of a surprise, I clearly have a paper straw addiction. I just love how festive they make beverages feel. PS I'm not so cool that I only drink out of mason jars, I seriously break like all glasses so I pretty much only have mason jars left and for 6 bucks a dozen they are affordable :-P Alsooo because I broke all my wine glasses my sweet friend Hilary bought me stemless ones! Love you Hilary Poo!

Believe it or not, I didn't put out ALL my decorations this year. I normally put lights above my cabinets and really go all out and this year I just went more simple, except I brought a little festiveness into our bedroom. The best part is, I plugged the lights/mini tree into a plug that switches on with the light switch by the bedroom door so you can turn it on super easily. I just LOVE the coloured lights, they remind me of happy memories of past Christmases. PS these fell down immediately and Leigh fixed it with nails lol.

I JUST finished all my wrapping. There is nothing like wrapping presents, I love to put on a classic Christmas movie and have a festive drink (see above) and wrap my little heart out. But I am so glad I am done! Speaking of wrapping, I have certain criteria for wrapping paper. I always hold out for the good stuff. I love red/green/white because it matches my decor. I always run out of a few every year but I always add a few every year too. I know. I'm crazy.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 

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