Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Kickoff Weekend

This weekend went by incredibly fast. And so did Monday.
You guys know that I try to be positive on my blog. I really don't believe on sending negative things out into the world. What you put out, you get back. But sometimes, you just have to be real. I am feeling a bit sad lately, even amongst the holiday joy.

Leigh's Dad and his brothers: Uncle Mike, far left, Uncle Dave, Steve (Leigh's Dad) and Uncle Paul
This past weeekend we lost another family member, on Leigh's side of the family. He was such a great man. When Leigh and I got engaged, his parents threw a barbeque so that the whole family could meet me. Naturally it was a ton of people, but Uncle Mike made me a photo album with the pictures from the party with all the names of everyone so I wouldn't forget. He made me feel so welcome in the family, if he liked you it was a pretty big deal because he was considered the head of the family. He made us the most beautiful box for our wedding with our photo, names and wedding date on it, which is where Leigh and I keep important things. He also "borrowed" two spoons from the golf course where we had our reception and hand engraved our names and wedding date on them. This type of sentimentality and thoughtfulness is rare in this world. He set an example for us and I plan to attempt to follow it.

Also on the weekend, I attended my bestie J's annual cookie exchange. It was a little early this year but it's fun because it's helping kick off the season. I made my caramel stuffed apple cider cookies again. I think they might be the most festive cookie ever. Except for things that are red and green and/or peppermint flavour.
There were so many good cookies!

When I got home, Leigh, Layla and I snuggled up on the couch and watched the Holiday. Perfect ending to the night. I'm not entirely sure how I got Leigh to watch it. I always say men are like woodland creatures, so you can't make sudden movements. If you just put your girly movie on, and get comfy on the couch with room for him and possibly a snack to increase chances, he might just come over and snuggle in. No guarantees.

We also had American Thanksgiving on Sunday with Leigh's family, which was really nice. His mom has all her decorations up so it really does feel like a holiday kick off. I brought her a poinsettia and she gave us advent calendars. We also have a December 1st tradition that we put on our Christmas pillowcases she made us.

By Monday morning, I was pretty tired from all this stuff. My sister called me and told me about a new split end treatment she wanted to try on my hair, so I beelined it over to the salon where she works in Maple Ridge, Salon Fifty-Five. 

My hair is soooo soft and pretty right now. And straight. And LONG lol. I have no idea when it got long again!

Anyways, that's it for today. Christmassy posts coming very soon.

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