Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gifts of Christmas 2013

I think it's a bit weird to post about Christmas gifts, but at the same time, I love reading those types of posts. I also like having it on my blog so that I can look back and remember it. I honestly do believe that Christmas is all about family but gifts are a fun part of it. Giving AND receiving. I love finding the perfect thing, which is not always possible, sometimes it's nice to give the person what you know they'll need or use. I gave some fun things this year (like my mom's Serendipity set) and some more practical things (comfies for my Dad and new slippers for Julie, the amazing Costco slippers hehe).

As you know from my last post, I got a laptop from Leigh. Normally we don't do big gifts like that, but he has been known in the past to sneak them in from time to time and it's usually something I really really want but won't buy or ask for. I have been using my laptop so much in getting ready for the new year ahead. Plus it's so cute!

He also got me a bag to carry it in annd PJS, those gloves you can use your phone with a wallet and and some clothes. Oh, and Dunkin Donuts coffee in my stocking! Spoiled rotten by my hubby this year!

If you're wondering what I got Leigh, I got him remote start for his car! He leaves really early and he likes to start the car ahead of time, so I thought it was perfect. Too bad I can't install it too but he's pretty good at that stuff. I got him some other little stuff too, a wallet, a plaid shirt, headphones and chocolate.

We did Secret Santa among the kids in the Sheppard side of the family. I had my sister, so I got her a weight training belt and a really cute Strength is Beauty tank top. Leigh had my brother and got him a leatherman. Leigh got new clothes from Chris and I got this amazing watch from Andrei. 

I'm so excited for something I really needed - a new hair straighter. I broke mine like over a year ago and have been using a super old one until now - my Mom and Dad replaced it with this high tech one, with the help of Jenn of course. ;-)

I also got some cute tops and costume jewellery from my parents, and the I need coffee nightshirt from my last post. My mom also did amazing stocking stuffers for us which is crazy because her kid size has gone from 3 to 8! Mine was filled with Archies, yay!

We were going to do Secret Santa with Leigh's siblings too but only Claire and I got excited about it so we just exchanged gifts haha.! I got her a cute shirt and she got me this amazing winter sparkly scarf!

Leigh's parents got me some really cute tops and slipper booties that I wore for the rest of the day and then when it opened the last one, it was THIS:

A hand knitted (crocheted but it looks like knit to me haha) blanket by Julie! I am obsessed with blankets and she has one in her house I LOVE so she made me my own. It's so nice and warm and I love the beautiful color!

I love reading what people got for Christmas so tell me in the comments what your favourite gift was!

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  1. I love your gifts... someone had an excellent Christmas. I love how it is all white... what type is it? I recently got a new laptop and mine is red. I love it. I hope New Year's is just as fabulous for you, love!