Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Coziness

It has been soooo cold here the past few days. Cold for Vancouver, that is. My car door was frozen shut for an entire day, I was crawling through the passenger door. I have been cranking the heat and the holiday tunes. And speaking of holiday tunes, I may have reprogrammed all the stations in Leigh's car to the Christmas station.

You know what makes me feel super warm and cozy? Christmas movies. We watched the Holiday the other day and how amazing is the little Rosehill cottage? I would love to spend a Christmassy weekend there. There are tons of pics on the internet so I decided to spread the warmth through the internets to you. 

And the coziest room in the whole movie? The little girls tent, of course!

I need this in my bedroom, as a permanent fixture. Hope you feel all warm and cozy inside now, and if not, there's always hot chocolate!

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  1. I just watched that the other week too! Such a great movie