Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Festive Weekend

Get ready because this is a whole lot of festive in one blog post! 

This weekend was so crazy! As usual December weekends tend to end up packed with fun events. I could barely wake up this morning. On Friday I had the afternoon off, and some spare time before I had a hair appointment, so I met up with my mother in law at Art Knapps, where we took a train ride with one of her daycare kids. .

Too old for this? Don't think so.

Then, I went to my sis's work where she did my hair all pretty for Leigh's work Christmas party. 

I took a pic (and promptly added a filter because I wasn't wearing any makeup) but unfortunately for some reason this is the last pic of the night I took. I actually did my makeup pretty good so I'm kinda bummed I didn't capture it on camera! I even put on fake eyelashes all by myself!! With no injuries. I am quite proud of myself.

Saturday, we met up with the Sheppard side of the family for lunch at Milestones. Of course I forgot my camera but my Mom got a few pics. It was so nice to see everyone again.

After that, Leigh and I went out to Park Royal which is one of my all time favourite Christmassy places. They have such gorgeous decorations, including these drippy icicle lights and a GIANT tree.

We got cupcakes and did a little shopping, and then stopped at Coquitlam Centre for more shopping. (Still not done)

Sunday, I woke up early and went to my annual brunch date J and Nicky. This is our SEVENTH year of doing this. So awesome. This is the first year we did it, we do have a santa pic printed somewhere:

Annd this is this year (they printed the pic for us so this is scanned)

One of my absolute favourite traditions! The food is so delicious even though I do not eat my money's worth, I suck at buffets. Although the sushi chef did make me my favourite - cucumber rolls!


J drove me so after lunch we did some MORE shopping (STILL not done) and then picked up my mother-in-law, Julie, for a Christmas play at a local church that has become an annual tradition with my family. It's such a great production, it always puts me in the best Christmas spirit.

Dora, me, Jenn, Mom, J and Julie

Soooo then....I had the task of getting Julie to Milestones for her surprise 60th birthday party. I told her that Leigh and his dad had gone out for dinner and then I pretended to get a voicemail from Milestones saying I'd left my debit card there the day before (can you believe that didn't tip her off? So not like me :-P) so J, playing along, offered to take me on the way home to pick it up. When we were in the parking lot, I suggested we go in for spinach dip. I brought her in where a ton of family and friends were waiting!

After a delicious dinner, we went back to my in laws for cake and wine.

Such a fantastic weekend!

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