Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bump Love {14 Weeks}

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes?  I bought two maternity maxi dresses from Old Navy in the states and a nice long maternity tank. Other than that, clothes still fit, I did buy regular jeans and just sized up and they're still super comfy. My sis in law also lent me her belly band so that's handy if I want to wear jeans that don't button. I'm officially packing up all my skinny clothes till Summer 2015! :-P

Best moment this week:  Starting to have a real life bump! It definitely varies in size from morning to night but it's still so cool! Sometimes it looks really big, it's so weird!

Miss Anything? Wine, sangria, cocktails. I wasn't even a big drinker but the not being allowed to have cold refreshing drinks on the brink of summer makes me a bit sad. Bring on the pink lemonade!

Movement: Not yet. Can't wait!

Cravings: Not really anything this week I HAVE to have. Having some serious food aversions though. So many things is just like "Nope, not interested" such as pretty much any kind of meat. Bummer. Loving pickles, lemonade, and any cold veggies.

Symptoms: Food aversions, nausea more so this week (could be due to dry socket still healing) and a bit tired.

Workouts: Ha. I'm getting there. I'm sneaking in a bit before an after clients but standing all day is wiping me out. Mostly just little walks and a bit of weights. I'm definitely very active but any kind of hardcore workouts aren't happening at the moment.

Baby Items Purchased: Nope. Holding off till gender!

Mood: A lot happier this week due to lack of pain in my jaw/teeth! Dry socket is no joke. I definitely do find that I get emotional a lot more easy. I feel tears coming on at the drop of a hat!

Loving: Warmer weather this week, finally being able to wear dresses! My sweet friend lent me a few maxi dresses so I have a little collection going! So comfy!

Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender even though it's so far away. Also, getting a freaking tan. I'm so pale right now and after doing research on self tanners while pregnant I got a little freaked out. I'm actually just kind of enjoying the now, even though there is so much to look forward to. I'm finally in my second trimester and I'm going to enjoy feeling good while it lasts!

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