Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bump Love {15 Weeks}


                                            Baby is the Size of a Navel Orange!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes?  I tried shopping for maternity clothes last week and was a bit appalled. They're so expensive and I didn't love anything. The main thing I am looking for is my regular cropped tights that I wear to work. My fave pairs are American Eagle and Costco and the maternity version doesn't seem to exist. I may see a sewing project in my future.

Best moment this week:  Someone asked me when I was due and I was delighted because maybe I'm starting to actually look pregnant! Also my neighbour said I'm glowing! 

Miss Anything? Wine. Sangria. Margaritas. But not that much, thanks to my friend Hilary, she whipped me up some virgin ones for Cinco De Mayo and they were so refreshing!

Sleep? I added this in this week because sleeping while pregnant is tricky. The past week I have been sleeping with the window open a crack and wow has it made a difference! I sleep so deeply and wake up less often to go to the bathroom. Weird, but fabulous!

Movement: Not yet. If I press down on my belly I can feel something but I don't know if it's my own heartbeat lol

Cravings: Pickles. How typical. I went through a whole jar in three days. Also, obsessed with lemonade, fruit and veggies.

Aversions: Chicken and beef, although I did manage to eat a taco salad tonight and it was actually pretty good!

Symptoms: I actually feel pretty great, other than feeling tired easily. If I'm standing at work all day I'll feel like I did a full body workout!

Workouts: Due to the above, not much. Still walking quite a bit and doing light weights.

Baby Items Purchased: Nope. Holding off till gender!

Mood: Pretty happy this week, although definitely have some emotional points once in awhile!

Loving: Shiny hair, glowing skin and how good everything tastes!

Looking Forward To: Pretty much until 20 weeks this answer is going to be the same, finding out the gender! 

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  1. My parents and I, and my maid of honor were incredibly impressed with testing of the food. On the day of wedding the place looked stunning with all the candlelight and flowers