Monday, May 5, 2014

Our New Home {Inspiration}

Even though our apartment won't be ready for months and months, it doesn't stop us from driving by several times a week to check on the progress. Our particular suite is fully framed, and it looks like it's next up for windows. Next to the baby's room is a concrete firewall, so that's kind of nice. I also can't stop myself from daydreaming and planning layout and decor.

This is our floor plan, except ours is actually flipped. Meaning when you walk in the front door, the kitchen is on the left and the bathroom is on the right. It's so weird because all the show suites are the opposite so I can't picture what this will look like.

For the glorious two weeks after we bought our place and before I found out I was pregnant, I planned to work my little bum off for a year so I could buy whatever I wanted to make our place amazing. March 1st I realised a) I was only going to be able to work for 7-8 months b) my bum was not going to be little, and c) disposable income was most definitely going to be redirected. And I didn't mind one bit. I just have to prioritize! My focus now is making our apartment cozy and a real home.

The first thing we need is a new couch and I am dying for one of these giant sectional monstrosities aka living room bed. How cozy is this for piling up all exhausted with a newborn and watching half a movie before falling asleep?! Actually finding the perfect couch is another story, so I've started my search already.

source: Pinterest

My other main project is either re-doing or creating one of these farmhouse style tables. I have an idea for it and I'm not entirely sure it's going to work because I sort of need Leigh to execute it because I'm not really allowed to play with sharp objects anymore ;-)


One of my favourite details of our apartment is this little office nook. As you can see from the floor plan, it has a linen closet next to it so I want to use a few shelves in there for organizing papers/mail so that this area doesn't get super cluttered. There's also a linen closet in my bathroom (the one with the tub, obviously) so I can store towels ect in there. I also wanted to share this photo because it shows the wall colour really well. As much as I'd love to paint and customize our place, we're going to leave it as is for now. I wouldn't even know what to call this colour though!And as I've told Leigh, I make no promises on the baby's room, it may need to be painted depending on if it's a boy or girl and what kind of nursery d├ęcor we decide on.

Another thing I'm excited about is our patio, because it's not just a normal patio, it's a solarium! It is all glassed in but the panels are removable, you just slide them over and fold them away when you want fresh air. It's not my top priority to decorate the patio since we're moving in January. 

source: Pinterest

I found this photo and it's totally my inspiration, it's so simple but creates the perfect little space to hang out and have coffee in the morning (or a glass of wine at night...can you tell I miss my wine?)

I have so many more apartment ideas that I will share over the next several months while I wait patiently for exciting things to finally happen!

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  1. Wow! That monstrous couch does look cozy. I love how it can perfectly cozy up to a corner of a living room. I also think that a farmhouse-styled table will look perfect on your new home. It's definitely going to make your home look more welcoming, Taren! Anyway, I hope to see a home tour in the near future. All the best! :)

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions, Inc.