Friday, May 2, 2014

Pickles, Abs and a Serious Lack of Either In My Life

Yesterday I told Leigh that I wanted to go to the store for waffles, lemonade, pickles, and a pineapple and he laughed at me. But then he took me and I was a happy camper. Except when we were loading them into the car, one of the bags slipped and the pickles took a tumble and shattered everywhere. So so sad. I kinda wanted to cry a little bit. I was tempted to go buy another jar but I decided not to and really regretted it later.

Sometimes the universe does strange things...mean today, I plugged in my iphone to add some music to it and it somehow restored it to my OLD iphone, as in the one I had two years ago. In an even more cruel twist, it replaced all my saved nursery/baby/maternity ideas with progress photos from my competition and fitness inspirational photos.

This is the photo I posted on Instagram just this morning before the Great Cruel Replacement Incident:

Aaaand this is just one of the ridiculous gems I found on my time travelling phone.

Whhhhy Apple, why! I didn`t want to see that! At least not for another year or so haha. On the bright side, it reminded me that I can and will be in great shape again one day!

On another random note...

I know I'm super late to the party on this, but the VIP movie theatre at Coquitlam Silvercity is pretty much the best thing ever. Last weekend we went to go see the Other Woman which is the perfect chick flick movie. I went with a couple girlfriends and it's the perfect night out, at least for this preggo girl. I was momentarily jealous of the cocktail menu and instead ordered my latest substitute, the Shirley Temple. Except at some point between 10 weeks and 14 weeks, I developed some kind of weird cherry aversion and now they taste like cough syrup to me. It's time for me to create my own little low sugar all natural lemonade, I think.  Anyways, I am hoping to take Leigh for a date night to the VIP theatre since every time we go it's like the opposite of VIP experience.

Happy Friday everyone! Random preggo thoughts out!

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