Friday, June 20, 2014

Bump Love {21 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of A Pomegranate!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? Scored some non-maternity long tanks from Target that have been a lifesafer, so soft and comfy and perfect under too short shirts. Two of my best friends came shopping with me on Sunday to help me find something to wear for the party this Saturday and got a glimpse of the dire fashion situation. Thankfully they helped me find a gorgeous (non-maternity) maxi that I will probably live in all summer. Side note: I had never owned a maxi dress before I got pregnant and now I have like 5, plus a few I borrowed from a friend. Pregnancy lifesaver!

Best moment this week:  Honestly this week has just been full of anticipation and excitement! Finding out the gender is all my Mom and Leigh's mom can talk about and I love it!

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back. Side sleeping, even with my pregnancy pillow is doing a number on my body!

Sleep? Other than being sore after sleep, I have been sleeping fantastic the last few nights due to downloading a white noise app. One night I couldn't sleep so I put it on "heavy rainfall" setting and it put me in the deepest sleep so I've been using it every night! 

Movement: This little munchkin is a non stop mover and I love it! It's so much more fun being pregnant when you can actually feel it!

Cravings: I honestly don't get cravings but I just love food lol! I had chicken fajitas this week and they were amazing! I also had a little nap at my parents house the other day and woke up to dinner made by my Mom, potato chip crusted chicken and twiced baked potatoes. I thought I was dreaming!

Aversions:  Ate both burgers AND chicken this past week. Go me. I actually ate chicken FOUR times. 

Symptoms: (these need to go in point form now lol)
*Starting to get a bit of ligament pain, I think.
*Had to park my car across the street on a downward hill because it's too hard to get out of my car on an upwards hill. I miss my ab muscles!
*Generally just get tired easily and out of breath. Super awkward as a personal trainer!
*Bending down to pick things up is getting difficult. Almost makes me think I should start putting my clothes in a hamper or something :-P
*Gained about 17lbs so far at midwife check in today. Honestly, it's a bit terrifying seeing the numbers on the scale but I don't feel much bigger, it's weird! They also measure your belly and I'm measuring at 22 weeks (which I will be on Sunday) so that's neat.
Workouts: My whole life is a workout right now. Seriously though, kind of failing at this lately! I'm very active but have barely worked out in the last two weeks. Boo.

Baby Items Purchased: Not one thing. Although after our ultrasound last week, I went on the old navy website and just for fun, filled my cart with anything I thought was super cute for boys or girls haha.


Loving: The anticipation of our gender reveal party on Saturday!! I know these parties are a relatively new thing and I've encountered a few people that don't get it, but I am sooo glad that my lovely sister offered to throw us one. I love the fact that NO ONE except my lovely friend Justine who is making the cake knows if we are having a boy or girl, and our closest loved ones will be sharing in our joy come Saturday. Where else do you have a reason to have a party where everyone gets to be in on a surprise?!

Looking Forward To: Take a wiiiiiiiiiild guess! :-P

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  1. You're looking great.
    Is your pregnancy flying by as quickly as mine has? I can't believe it's halfway done already.
    the out of breath thing: check, the skipping workouts: check. ligament pains: check check check!

    Can't wait to read about your gender reveal party - we are keeping it a surprise - so i'll live vicariously through you.