Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life Lately - Babies, Tiffany, and Maternity Leave Plans

Life lately, naturally, has been very pregnancy related. It's like all non baby and non pregnancy thoughts cannot stay in my head for very long. I know I will only be pregnant for 5 more months (Yeah, that makes TEN) but I can't think beyond that to look at non-maternity clothes or read books with no babies in them. It's so bizarre. I never had baby fever so it must be a new kind of baby brain.

I decided to use this to my advantage and do something I've always wanted to do, register for a new fitness certification program! Its with a company called Fit 4 Two (cute, right?) and once it's completed I will be a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist! I literally couldn't wait to get my manual in my email, I was bugging the owner to send it to me pretty much immediately after I purchased the program. I'm glad I am doing it now while pregnant (and not earlier) because it makes the subject matter so much more interesting to me.

In other career news, well not really news, but plans for the future...I have decided to work up until my due date as long as my health is good. I figure I can sit on a ball and boss my clients around from there in the last month or so :-P. I'm self employed, so it's a little bit different for mat leave. They just changed the rules so you CAN get mat leave if you are self employed, you just have to register a year in advance which clearly did not happen in this case. I honestly would miss my work too much if I took a full year off, so I'm going to take off a few months. We move into our place January 15 and around Feb 1, I'm going to ease back into training clients. I feel so fortunate that I have a career that will allow me to work but have more time with my baby, even if I don't get the full year off. I know it will all work out!

This past weekend, we had a fun dinner for my friend Nicky's birthday. Naturally I forgot my camera card at my parents house so that post is going to have to wait until I go back out to their house. This is the Tiffany cake J and I made her. I give J total credit for the cake, I sent her a pic of one and asked if she thought we could do it and she was like yup! But I would have had no idea how to pull it off. We had fun making it though and we looked up how to make the bow on youtube!

This weekend, we are heading over to Vancouver Island for a wedding, one of Leigh's co-workers is getting married at this amazing place called Merridale Cidery, it's kind of near Cowichan Bay. It'll be nice to have a little weekend getaway. On a side note, dressing a bump for a wedding is so far not fun. We'll see what I can pull out of my hat that's wedding worthy! :-P

Stay tuned for a bump update tomorrow!

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