Monday, June 16, 2014

Nicky's Birthday!

This post is long overdue since Nicky's Birthday was a few weeks ago but here goes anyways!

When your best friend turns 30 (as most of my friends will this year) you know you need to step it up a notch. We knew we would be going for dinner and then back to Nicole's after. Jeannine and I decided we would make very a special cake for Nicky. J made the cake and assembled it ahead of time, and then I came over on Saturday afternoon (fibbing to Nicky about where I was, hehe) and helped her decorate it.

We went to Brown's for dinner, which I didn't take any pics of for some reason. Probably too busy eating my burger and yam fries. But as soon as we got back to Nicole's house I whipped out my camera for some pictures to commemorate the occasion!

We had a little mishap with the cake though...we lit a candle and then took out some sparklers to light. They all got lit together and put into the cake where they fell over onto the fondant bow and it kinda caught on fire. No harm no foul though, a little teatowel waving and the fire alarm turned back off and the cake got served!


  1. Looks like a fun 30th birthday party! I didn't know that you knew Solana...such a small blogging world :)

  2. That cake is homemade?! It's AMAZING! :)