Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Gender Reveal Party

Seriously the best weekend!

When my sister generously offered to throw us a gender reveal party, I knew I had to say yes. I had been so looking forward to it for months and it did not disappoint. What a fun way to find out who will be joining your family! We had such an amazing spread of food brought by all our friends and family. The people in my life are so awesome, they brought all my favourite things!

Jenn had her place decorated so cute in pink and green. Once everyone had arrived and had a bite to eat, a few people started to get a bit antsy about when we were going to cut the cake. I hadn't been thinking about it since the start of the party so when I did start thinking about it I pretty much had to do it right away. I think Leigh was really anxious to find out too.

My sister had a boy banner and a girl banner and everyone had to sign their name to what they thought it was. I put Leigh's name on the girls side at his request (he was comfy on the couch) but I waited until the very last minute to put mine on. I finally put my name on the girls side right before we cut the cake. The girl side was already winning before I put my name on.

Our cake was made by my extremely talented friend Justine! Isn't it so gorgeous?!!

I got Leigh to cut the cake so I could watch the piece fall away and see what our baby was. I saw pink right away, looked at him, and promptly burst into the most ugly (but so happy) cry face ever.

 I buried my face in his chest until I felt my facial expression return to normal.

Honestly, the majority of my pregnancy I have been feeling like it would be a girl. I could not stop looking at girl clothes, pinning girly things on Pinterest, and generally just thinking of the baby as a girl. It got so bad I started to convince myself it was a boy so I wouldn't be too shocked if it was. I have two nephews so I know how much fun boys could be but I couldn't picture having one. Having a little girl is a dream come true.

After we cut the cake, I was immediately handed a present from my mom and sis with adorable baby clothes. I also got an amazing onesie from Nicky. I had seen it in Target and almost bought it, little did I know that she had already bought it for me without knowing for sure that I was having a girl.

My sis captured it on video, so here it is:

I haven't been able to stop smiling since the party and to top it all off, a crazy generous friend of ours showed up at our house on Sunday morning with a ridiculously comfy perfect condition couch for us (we desperately needed one and are waiting to buy furniture until we move into our place) AND this amazing stroller! Both things are barely even used. It just amazes me how awesome the people I have in my life are! Our little family is so lucky.

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