Friday, June 13, 2014

Bump Love {20 Weeks}

                                                       Baby is the Size of A Banana!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? Yup. Still haven't bought anything new but keeping eyes open for cute dresses for upcoming events and so far, nada.

Best moment this week:  Feeling the baby kick!! I have been waiting and waiting and was starting to feel teeny bits of movement but I wasn't sure if it was the baby or everything else stretching and growing. Then on Sunday I was in the bath and all of a sudden felt a full on karate kick and saw my belly move! I was so excited and the baby did it a few more times. Must be a water baby like his/her mama! It's been kicking like crazy ever since. Also getting some new pics of the babe at our ultrasound!!

Miss Anything? Meh, not really. I wouldn't hate a margarita, but virgin ones are pretty darn good too!

Sleep? Sleep has been not too great this week. I keep waking up to Layla sneaking into our bed, the sun coming up, crows making their gross noises. However, I got to sleep in today and it was amazing.

Movement: YES! Finally! :-)

Cravings: Cinnamon toast crunch. Also, at the wedding last weekend I took two appies off a server's tray and said one was for the baby. #noshame

Aversions:  I made homemade burgers, took one bite of mine and couldn't eat any more. Very strange!

Symptoms: I actually feel pretty great most of the time and I consider myself so lucky. Just little aches and pains, all normal stretching stuff. This week I have been more tired than normal but I think that's probably due to less than stellar sleep. 

Workouts: Ha. I attempted a workout on Tuesday and I barely made it twenty minutes. Still getting quite a bit of walking in, mostly with my clients while they're warming up but hoping to have more energy after a day off tomorrow.

Baby Items Purchased: I seriously just about died looking at the baby stuff at Old Navy. Polka dot bathing suits and jelly sandals for girls, henley bodysuits and plaid shirts for boys...I will be standing outside the mall at opening on the 22nd. 

Mood: Happy and hormonal :-P

Loving: Being Halfway done!! I probably should have posted this last week but we had another baby join our group of friends which makes two baby girls in the last month! I got to meet them both last week and they're both adorable!

Looking Forward To: Same as every week! Finding out the gender with my closest friends and family, and then shopping for whatever gender it is! Having the envelope in my hands was SO hard, I feel much better now that my friend Justine has it so she can bake our cake!

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