Friday, June 6, 2014

Bump Love {19 Weeks}

changing up the bump photo location this week - on the ferry on route to Victoria!

Baby is the Size of A Mango!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? I'm still planning a post on maternity clothes shopping, but I haven't bought anything new in awhile. Living in maxi dresses, the few dresses I own that accommodate the bump while still being long enough, my old navy skinny jeans and long tops. Also, workout clothes obviously! I need to get a few t shirts to wear instead of my usual hoodie and cropped tights. My gym is getting hot!

Best moment this week:  Taco Tuesday. Just being honest. :-P

Miss Anything? Being able to demonstrate form on certain exercises for clients!! I won't demonstrate anything I'm not supposed to do but I miss being able to! For the most part it hasn't been too bad though. I also have been sitting on a ball for some of the time while training because standing for long periods is starting to suck.

Sleep? Sleep has been pretty good. A few months ago I painted a headboard and attached one of those metal bed frames to it, but it made our mattress way less supportive. Also, the mattress and the topper made it ridiculously high, I was starting to have difficulty getting in and out of bed. The other night I supervised while Leigh dismantled it so for now we have our mattress/box spring on the floor. It's a good height now, just no under bed storage. I'll figure out a new bed situation for when we get our new place.

Movement: Can't feel anything yet. There's so many strange feelings it's hard to tell. 

Cravings: Honestly, I haven't been craving anything in particular. Still loving salty things like pickles and non-fish sushi. Anything taco/mexican makes me ridiculously happy.

Aversions:  Chicken. I've pretty much given up on chicken unless my Mom makes it for me lol! I dunno what she does but I can eat it!

Symptoms: Starting to get used to the aches and pains and not freak out when I feel anything. All last week I was googling different areas I was getting pain lol. It seems to be mostly chalked up to round ligament pain. Also when I sneeze it feels like my tailbone is cracking in half. Random.

Workouts: I haven't actually done much this week. My body has been so achey all over lately. 

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing yet! I've started making lists of things we need and doing research on car seats and things like that. I'm definitely in the "buy what you need" camp. I don't want to fill our new apartment with baby stuff we won't use so I'm doing tons of research.

Mood: Happy! (also averaging one pregnancy related hormonal meltdown approx every 8 days)

Loving: Looking more and more pregnant every day when I wake up! 

Looking Forward To: Being HALFWAY next week!! Only a few more weeks till we find out the gender and the real fun can begin! I'm excited to plan the baby's room so I've been pinning both boy and girl ideas! We won't be in our new apartment till the baby is a few months old, so I don't really need to plan the baby's room yet since he/she will be sleeping in our room until then (in a basinette most likely) but it's still so fun to look for ideas!

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