Tuesday, July 16, 2013

J's Bridal Shower: Camp "I Do"

After the super stylish event on Friday (see pics here) we still had one more event to pull off! J's bridal shower. I've been looking forward to this for EVER! J is the kind of person that is always doing nice helpful things for other people. She has done countless nice things for me and I wanted to make sure that she got the bridal shower she deserved.

First, the decor. We went with a classy camping/picnic theme. J LOVES camping so we thought it would be perfect. I had an image in my mind and no clue if it would be as classy and fabulous as my mind thought it could be.

The drink table was the prettiest part in my opinion. I made the runner and purchased a million (yet still not enough) mason jars. J's other bridesmaid hosted the shower at her beautiful home and she had this drink dispenser which I LOVE. Side note, don't try to use frozen berries in a drink dispenser like this. Just don't.

Above the table hung this beautiful banner that I made that I'm SO proud of! It says Camp I Do. Super cute and cheesy, I know but I loooove it.

This was the food table, cameo my sis' hand in the spin dip. Typical. Us Sheppard girls cannot resist spinach dip. Period. Also note the printed sign that says A & J...love!

Once all the set up was done, it was time to relax and watch J get to be a princess for a day!
 J and three of her bridesmaids!
 J and her hairdresser aka my sister.

 J opening her recipe book

This is what my mom, sis and I got her. As you can see, she hates it. :-P

 Oh yes, it's your turn to look ridiculous in one of these hats.
 So pretty. Seriously can't wait to see her as a bride!
 J and her gorgeous sister and sleeping nephew.

 J and her bridesmaids and sis who is maid of honor!
 J getting some quality time with her now awake nephew!

Such a great success. I'm so happy for her and I can't WAIT until the wedding. For now, I'm off to figure out some fun things to do with my new mason jar collection.

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