Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Current Faves

My posts have been random lately, Heck, my brain has been random lately! I blame the heat. I'm loving the sun but I ALMOST just kinda want a rainy day inside with a cup of tea and a book. I guess in Vancouver we're used to a little more variety in the weather instead of just plain hot. 

Because my brain can't compose a one subject post, I'm going to list some of stuff I've been loving lately.

1st off...I am really  enjoying...blogging. I love blogging, blogging's my favourite. Seriously. I don't know why but whenever I hit that publish button and go visit my new post, it makes me happy inside. And that's honestly the only reason why I do it. I was surprised to learn people actually make careers out of blogging. That's pretty awesome! Having a blog is sweet because it's the one place on earth you can be yourself. That being said, when I feel super grumpy and mad at the world, you will not find me talking about it on my blog because I want to send only positive energy into the world. Does that make sense?
Anyways, next - 

The new Dallas. When I was growing up, my Dad always watched Dallas. All the time. There was like 14 seasons so you can imagine the amount of reruns. Fast forward quite a few years to the new Dallas and I. am. hooked. Once again, I am late to the party, because it already has tons of fans and just got renewed for a 3rd season. I watched the whole series over the span of two weeks. Keeping in mind I never sit and actually watch a show I always have to be doing something else like cooking or cleaning. I'm a super nostalgic person so I LOVE that these characters have been around for so long. Larry Hagman (dude in the cowboy hat) recently passed away which they had to write into the show. Seriously cried. What a baby. I also love this show because I'm obsessed with the south. I want to be a southern belle so bad lol!

 The only thing that sucks is that the third season isn't on until JANUARY! So far away! 

I got new dishes recently and I love them. I think having pretty dishes makes me want to cook more somehow. I was playing around and actually ended up figuring out a way to eat egg whites again. I got sick of them during contest prep and haven't had them in forever. I added tons of veggies and it's so yummy. I also throw in a full egg.

In other food related favourites, I randomly found Red Velvet Cupcake coffee at Homesense the other day and bought it out of sheer curiosity. I'm obsessed with Red Velvet but I try to limit myself to a mini cupcake once in awhile (see me about to devour said cupcake above) so I was curious about something you could just throw a little milk and stevia into for a treat. Definitely delicious coffee!! A bit much for every day but great for sweet cravings.

And last but definitely not least the new Quest Bar flavour!  

I'm. In. Love. Seriously. I already love Quest Bars and their many flavours but this one takes the cake. It actually has like white chocolate chunks in it. I love Quest bars because you don't feel like your eating a chocolate bar, you actually feel good after. Between Leigh and I we've been going through boxes of these but I try to limit myself to like 5 a week! So good!

Enjoy your day because it's almost the long weekend!! 

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