Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Turn a Bad Day Around

I woke up today on the wrong side of the bed. Is that how the saying goes? I don't know, but when I woke up, I felt off. My schedule is a little different than most peoples, I know, but we all go through the same emotions. We all have bad days whether we work at home or office or whatever.

First, coffee. Doesn't even have to be coffee but your favourite beverage needs to by your side, stat. Mine is coffee.

The first thing I did after coffee was went to my blog reader and read my favourite blogs. That bumped my mood up a little bit.

Then I listened to my fave song of summer.

This song is in danger of being seriously overplayed, so I refuse to turn on the radio and save it for special occasions or emergencies.

Then I was cruising Facebook and saw someone posted this article "21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity" so I clicked on that. Maybe I cried a little. Maybe not.

Then I called my Grandma. After these acts I felt significantly better, more humanlike and less grumpy.

Here are some other suggestions for you:

  • Go for lunch or a lunchtime walk. Preferably with someone you like. I once worked downtown for several months and the best part of my day was hanging out with my best friend on our lunch hours.
  • Call some of your favourite people, the ones you understand you and tell them you feel grumpy. The will help you.
  • Dog people: Look at pictures of puppies on the internet. Cat people: Look at cat pictures on the internet. 
  • Plan something fun. Like a patio dinner date.
  • Help someone else. My mom always used to say "out of self and into others" which means stop thinking about yourself (don't feel bad, it's human nature) and help someone else!
  • Take a nap.
  • Go to a park and catch some rays. Preferably with a cold drink. There is a park across the street for me and very occasionally I will go get the tiniest little slurpee they have. Instant pick me up! Freezies also work fantastic.
  • Find a new recipe and make an amazing meal.
  • Find something to get excited about. This is my speciality. I was telling my husband the other night about some plan I was working on and I declared "I'm excited!" to which he replied "You're always excited!" I am totally taking that as a compliment. 
There are lots of other things to do when you feel down. Just remember most of life's problems are fixable. 
What's your favourite thing to do when your having a bad day?

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