Monday, July 15, 2013

J's Stagette: Shoulder Pads and Satin

This past weekend was a bridal extravaganza for one of my very best friends. J and I have been friends for around 13 years. On Friday we had her stagette, and on Sunday we had her bridal shower. This theme had been planned for a loooonnng time. Years ago, in Kelowna I believe, we saw a group doing something similar and J loved it. I've kept that in my mind ever since, and it turned out even better than we thought, thanks to J's bridesmaids!

The theme was 80's Wedding Party. The uglier the dress, the better. I must say, these girls absolutely brought it when it came to the dresses. They were spectacular!

It all started in a hotel room in Downtown Vancouver, where we all got ready. Everyone knows getting ready is usually the most fun part. In this case, the fun continued all night!
 The most beautiful, fun bride everrrrr....

Props to my sister for the "bow" hair. Amazingness.


Once we got to the club...

So. much. fun.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see J's bridal shower!

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