Monday, August 26, 2013

Most Random Post Ever

Hmm, I have been pretty quiet here on my little blog and I'm not really sure why. The last couple weeks have been crazy with lots of events and after they were all done I was seriously exhausted. Being so tired made me take a look at how I was doing things. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at what your doing and see if it makes sense or if you're just making life harder on yourself.
So my main focus this week has been clear out the clutter in my brain and in my house. Mostly in my house. Holy cow, does this ever make a huge difference. My house has been more sparkly than ever (not of the glitter variety, sadly) and it is so relaxing to have less clutter. I find myself much less stressed. Very interesting.

Last week, I didn't do anything really aaand I kinda loved it. Ohh I did do one thing, I picked up my bridesmaid dress for my besties wedding. It is probably one of the nicest dresses I've ever owned. Too bad 3 other girls will be wearing the same one...hahah totally kidding, I love all the bridesmaids and we're going to look amazing and make the beautiful bride proud! She is so gorgeous, I can't wait to see her all done up as a bride, I will probably cry. Can't show you yet, but the wedding will be here super soon and my favourite photog will be there to capture it all.

Ohh, something exciting you may have seen if we're Facebook friends: I have been working away on my website and I have it up live now! You can see it at! This is basically my training website but will have recipes and anything to do with healthy living as well. I put it up before it was done just so my contact info for personal training is available to people. I have had several inquiries about training already! I absolutely adore working with people on their fitness goals, it is a true passion of mine.
Here's a little preview for you:

On the weekend, my mom, sis, and I did a last minute trip to the states for shopping.

slumber party in the hotel

Oh man, did we shop. My sister is like a little energizer bunny when it comes to shopping. She does NOT get tired. It was fun to shop with her because I don't really get tired either. We walked so much, I lost 3 pounds while I was away. Score!

waiting for sis at her favourite store Nordstrom rack
It's actually really entertaining when Jenn and I shop together. We shop really well together but we have such different tastes. People overhear us and laugh at the way we talk to each other. She's asking me if I like these like...bootie things. I like everything she wears on HER, she always looks great, but I don't like individual items. If you see me wearing ankle booties, aliens have taken over my body. Run.

Also got to try Panera while in the states. Super yummy, thank goodness we don't have one here. I can't handle all that carb goodness.

I got amazing deals from the states, it makes me think maybe I should post all my shopping tips in one post hmmm, coming soon maybe?

Have a great Monday! (If not, well, it's almost Tuesday!)

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend shopping! I am jealous of your easy access to the states...that's what I miss about living in Ontario