Thursday, August 1, 2013

How I Know I'm Growing Up

First of all, there's growing up and getting old. I am doing both.

Lately with all my blogging and projects I'm working on in my home office, my back has been KILLING me. It serves me right because I've been using a hard wood dining room chair for a computer chair. After a visit to the chiropractor and pain medication I do not like taking, I decided today was the day to buy a chair.

I REALLY wanted this one....

So pretty! I decided to check a different store after sending a picture to Leigh.

I wanted something comfier and with armrests so I ended up with this one, completely with a back supporter. Yup, definitely getting old.

After buying the chair I checked my email and saw Leigh's reply which made me laugh.

"You can get it if you want it, but I'm trying to get away from the Barbie's dream house look. We're 30."

But I love Barbie's dream house! Sigh. Can't really blame him, when we got together I had pink everything. Even a pink vacuum. On a brighter note, I put my chair together all by myself!

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